Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I have had the pleasure? honor? misfortune? to be yelled at on a public sidewalk not once in my life, but twice, both times while I was with my sister.

The first time was on our first trip to Chicago, and we literally walked our asses off all over Chi-town. One day we were ooot and aboot, probably going shopping, and an older lady is walking towards us. She was somewhat unkempt, and as she got closer we realized she was kind of muttering to herself, possibly a wee bit unbalanaced.

When we got close to her, we smiled, and she settled her gaze (and by "gaze" I mean "hate-filled glare") at me and shouted, "Get the fuck OVER!" Jen and I were stunned to say the least, and I think one of us said, "HEY!" back. We are not known for our comebacks, but were pretty shocked into silence anyway. Welcome to Chicago, folks!

The second time it happened was in Baltimore. I had gone to visit Jen after she had her second child, and was taking her to have a massage. I had planned it as a sort of surprise, and not being familiar with Baltimore, took my chances at a salon in an area I obviously knew nothing about. It wasn't a terrible part of town, but a block here and there was a little sketchy. We're walking on the sidewalk (AGAIN, I think you know where this is going), and coming up the other way is a young girl, maybe barely in her 20s, if even that.

As we got closer, we again made eye contact and smiled, and she looked ME in the eyes and said, "I KNOW you din't just look at me, bitch," and I kept walking, open-mouthed. I have no idea what quality I possess that encourages public sidewalk vitriol, but apparently what I possess says something along the lines of "Curse at me now. I enjoy it!" I realize I use a good bit of profanity in my blog, but I can assure you, I have NEVER shouted it at anyone on a public sidewalk.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you are ever with me in public, and we are walking down a sidewalk, please do not hold me responsible for any profanity that may be hurled our way.

On a similar yet totally unrelated note, I have to tell a story on my sis, since she is not the one who gets vocally assaulted, but on one instance, was chastised on paper.

Jen is not the best driver in the world (sorry girl, it's true), and nor is she the best parker when pulling in to a store. On one occasion she came out to her car, sitting crookedly in the parking space, and found a note that read as follows: "We know parking is difficult, but you could try harder." At first she laughed, because come on - that shit is FUNNY - but then the more she thought about it she was pissed. Ah well! Lucky me for hearing about that story, because Ames, Natty Lite and I maaaay have plagiarized said note one night in The Lou when we went out, and some stupid truck parked about 2 inches from the passenger side door, forcing us all to get in on the driver's side. Jackass.

Anyhoo, Happy Tuesday, ya'll!

Dress: Kensie, Dillards
Shoes: Vince Camuto
Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Bracelets: Primark
Earrings: F21



Carly said...

Loving this dress.
First you look STUNNING in purple...
second I love the ombre detail.

More serious note....Hope you had a nice weekend w fam- after all the "scares" you had the past few weeks. Praying for all the midwesterners..heart breaks for all those homes in ruins and families torn apart.

Val said...

Your dress is gorgeous!!!! Love the color. You always look great.

oomph. said...

some people really have ballz to say shit like that. another fellow blogger was called a "slut" for wearing running shorts and exercise tank??? love the richness of these jewel tones...especially purple. i have several purple dresses that i love. and, i think i have that necklace, but it's blue.


Brassy said...

I bet nobody yelled at you in that dress. Nooooo, they dihin't. No way, no how.

Smokin' hawt in that dress. I can't wear purple and it makes me sad...but you CAN wear it and THAY makes me hap hap happeeee!

Jenny said...

Dayum - this dress is to die for. You look amazing, seriously amazing. Just come and dress me all the time ;o)

Why do people feel the need to do be mean like that? I swear. I got yelled at/cussed at in traffic (both of us were in our cars, windows down) by some lady with her kids in the car. It stunned me for a minute (I mean she was the one violating the traffic laws) and I actually had the presence of mind to yell back at her "Nice language in front of the kids."


i'm pretty sure I need to raid your jewelry collection asap! xo