Monday, April 25, 2011

Tummy Tuck Timeline, Weekend Edition Part Deux

One thing I did not anticipate with a TT is how frigging sore my back was going to be. Of course it makes sense, because when you cannot use your stomach muscles for anything, and you spend a week walking completely hunched over and sleeping in a recliner, it stands to reason that your back will be in motha-effing PAIN. Since the drains came out on Friday I can straighten up a bit more, but bending over to do simple things fatigues my back so quickly. Ugh.

The good thing is I'm off my heavy duty pain meds AND I drove myself to the grocery store this weekend. I probably shouldn't have done that, but DAMN it felt good. Truth be told, I am probably over-extending myself in several areas where I should be taking it easier. I'm not picking up the kids (there is no way I could do that now), but I do give them a leg up now and then if they need it. I am also taking the stairs probably more than I should. 

I miss doing my WWD outfit posts, but won't get back to them until next Monday when I go back to work, so you may have to actually READ more from me. I know, I know - a primarily fashion/style blogger WRITING STUFF? Crazy, huh? Well, I hope you stick wiv me. I have sincerely appreciated the kind words from everyone and look forward to reading every one of them.

Have a Happy Monday, yo!


Carly said...

You are so witty..I always read every word you write my dear:)
Of course we will all stick w you.
Hope your back feels better and can't wait to see the NEW you in a week or so!

Brassy said...

Damn gurl, you hurtin. I'm sending you get well vibes via the internet and by web log...those in the know call them simple: blogs. Your words are funny, but of course it'll be good to get your yummy outfit pics back stretchpants-self lives through you and your groovy fashion ways. What I'm really dying for are the before and after pics...when you are ready of course. rest up mamacita xo

danielle said...

Speedy mend. Love Danielle

Brittney said...

back pain is the worst. seriously, i'm a lot like you in probably doing too much too soon. i hate sitting around. but (mom-advice alert) DO try to take it as easy as you can. you'll heal faster and better if you do. heh. there. i'll pretend i didn't see you roll your eyes, and you'll pretend i'm not an intervening nitwit (am i the only one who, as a teen, felt that way about my mom? embarrassed to admit it now, but it's the troof).
feel better soon!

MerciBlahBlah said...

Carly - Awww, thank you gurl. That made me smile.

Brassy - your HEEE-larious RH recaps have helped keep my spirits up so much (though making me laugh out loud is KILLING my stomach) so thank you.

Danielle - thanks!!

Brittney - but MOM!!!!


this free bird said...

shanny you're brass tacks mamacita. REST girl REST!!!