Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tummy Tuck Timeline: Weekend Edition

Oh, hi Aunt Flo. It's so nice to see you at the really inconvenient time in my life. Shouldn't there be a Hallmark card for this? Menstruation: Because there's no better time for it than when you're recovering from a tummy tuck.
2 p.m.
The drains are out! The drains are out!! Went to the doc for my post op checkup and he decided to take mercy on me and remove the stupid drains. It was also the first time I got to see my naked belly and brand new belly button (since the old one went away). I have named the new one "Frankenbutton," due to its horrific, reddish purple, stitched up, swollen appearance. Fingers crossed it doesn't stay this way, or its only a matter of time before villagers bearing pitchforks and flaming torches chase us both into the night. The doc tells me I can SHOWER TOMORROW. Wheeee!!!! On the way out, the nurse gives me a giant box of pads to put over all the mangled bits on my belly and under the binder after showering, and tells me to apply Neosporin to the drain holes (gag), and Frankenbutton after showering. I will go back in 10 days to have the stitches taken out of Frankenbutton. The rest of the stitches in my lower abdomen will dissolve on their own.
9 a.m.
Natty Lite comes over to keep me company, and brings a lurvly orange gerbera daisy flower. She tho thweet. Whilst visiting she also mentions how GLAD she is the drain is out so she doesn't have to read about it anymore. I wonder if everyone else is thinking the same thing.
11:30ish a.m.
Poop Watch 2011 has officially ended. In fact, it ends with a bang. I wonder if I should have had a box of Milk Duds or a Baby Ruth on hand to give to Natty for guessing that it would end sometime on Saturday between 9 and 2.....
1:30 p.m.
Shower time.
I'm nervous. Skurred even. This is the first time I will have fully seen my belly standing full on looking in the mirror. What if I hate it? What if it's completely mangled beyond belief? Did I do the right thing with surgery? Was it really that bad to begin with? Will I pass out when I have to put Neosporin on my drain wounds? I wrestle out of the binder and look in the mirror. Well, there it is. The faint blue line down my belly from when the doctor marked it with a felt pen. Frankenbutton there in all its red, puffy glory. And down further, a jagged, taped up line from hip to hip where the incision is. I look quickly, not too long, grab the camera, and take a photo. ONE photo. Usually I take anywhere from ten to 12 photos, but not this time. I look at the screen to make sure it took, turn the camera off, and put it away. One is all I can take for now. I still have to get IN the shower, which has been running while I've been undressing. I step gingerly in, back to the water, which is warm but not hot. Let it run over, being careful not to get the stream of water directly on my stomach. I wash as quickly as I can and then get out, patting a clean, dry towel over my stomach, then getting a clean, dry washcloth to go over it again. Use a Q-tip to apply Neosporin to Frankenbutton and the drain wounds, then use approximately 12 giant pads trying to cover  my stomach before trying to wriggle back into the binder, which is a bitch to get into by myself.
Get dressed in clothing that is not just giant sweat pants and an old tee, put on makeup, perfume, and fix my hair. This is the best I have felt all week. I cannot believe the difference just having a shower made. I feel like a new woman.
Here's to tomorrow and feeling even better.


StyleID said...

I hope you feel better, the best part is that surgery is done! and from this point on all you have to do is feel better and better.
I had my nose reconstructed due to an accident about 11 years ago and the first days after surgery any tiny thing on my nose felt as if it was breaking again, then the doctor explained that 'Yes, he wanted me to be careful with my nose' but also conscious that it was sensitive due to the surgery (more than the trauma). It was a blessing to hear him say that because I could barely dress with out suffering.
Again, feel better and look forward to future pictures.

Courtnee said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better!Isn't it amazing what a shower can do to make you feel like a new woman?

I love your recaps!

406 Olivia said...

I'm so happy you finally logged on! And glad you're clean and drainless...


Terri said...

Hi, just discovered you through the Style Bloggers map...reads like this is a bit of an unusual time for you. I'm local in the KC area.

Natasha said...

Yay for showers. And pooping. LOVE YOU!

MerciBlahBlah said...

Glad you all are here for my probably TMI updates!

Terri - you're right - I don't typically write about surgical procedures, but then, I don't typically have them. Just thought I'd update to keep my mind off the pain. Glad you found MBB, fellow KC-ian!

Natty - Love you too!

oomph. said...

yay to the shower...i don't mind the TMI updates at all! just wish i could somehow ease any pain or uncomfortableness!

sending you some warm, sunshiny well wishes!

this free bird said...

Shan I wish I lived closer. I'd sleep on the floor in your living room and be on call when you rang your little bell. Hell I'd even help you shower. Girl MY stomach is in knots just reading this!! HUGS


alvispetter said...

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