Friday, April 22, 2011

T3: Tummy Tuck Timeline Friday

Who'd have thunk? I feel almost human again. The pain is getting more manageable (there is a constant dull pain that feels like I have done millions of crunches and just overworked my muscles, and that is the bearable pain). The unbearable, sharp, knife-like hot poker to the side pain comes when I move the wrong way and is I believe related to the drains, because it is almost always on the left side drain, but sometimes hops to the right to remind me I have one on that side too. When those pains come they take my breath away. Those are the pains that could make me whisper "MOTHERfucker" in front of my grandma, something I would normally never do.  Thankfully grandma hasn't been around this week to hear it.
The good thing is that I have an appointment this afternoon so the doc can look at the drains and possibly take them out (fingers crossed). I don't know if this also means I'll get to see my stomach for the first time, but I am NERVOUS about it. What if I don't like it? What if my new belly button is all wonky? What if he forgot to put in a new belly button? What if he was feeling feisty the day he did it and added a third nipple, a la Chandler Bing? Who knows - ANYTHING could be under that binder. 
Keep your fingers crossed and I'll report back after I see it. I may even go crazy and post some photos this weekend if things don't look too gruesome.
Speaking of potato pancakes, why haven't you entered the Apothica giveaway yet? Surrsly, peeps, there are only two people entered so far. What da HAIL? Get thee hence and enter!
PoopWatch 2011 is STILL in effect...


Jenny said...

I think "PoopWatch 2011" deserves the same sort of flash updates and graphics that all the storms on the weather channel do. With really awesome music. Yeah...and then local weather updates on the 8's with smooth jazz. Hope the appointment goes well and the pain gets the heck out of town! Have a great weekend my dear!