Friday, April 1, 2011

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Rob Lowe

Can we tawk just a minute about Rob Lowe? For the love of St. Elmo's Fire, homeboy is 47. FORTY. SEVEN. Let's break that down:

FORTY FRIGGING SEVEN? Homina homina....
I have loved him ever since The Outsiders, when he was the only guy in it I had actually heard of but I came away with burning loins for C. Thomas Howell (what the hell ever happened to HIM?)...Truth be told, RL wasn't the best actor in the world, but through the years he has really gotten good. I still say About Last Night is one of my favorite movies - we caught it on the telly last weekend and I have since added it to ye olde DVR.
If you haven't seen RL as a Brad Pitt-esque actor on Californication this season? Well, I just feel sorry for you, mostly because that means you probably don't have Showtime, which means you also haven't seen Shameless and it's doubtful that you've seen Dexter, which REALLY gives me a case of The Sads. For you.

The best thing about Rob Lowe lately? Parks & Rec. I have NO IDEA why I have not watched this show from its intheption, but The Hubs and I have FINALLY gotten into it and crack up every week. Hands down the best clip recently? The episode with the outbreak of the flu, when RL's character (" body is like a microchip...")ends up in the hospital with it. The scene below? Should win him an Emmy:

I have watched that frigging thing 17 times this morning and giggle like a 13-year-old boy every time. On that note, I bid you ADIEU and a happy Friday!



Mrs. Kat said...

Parks and Rec is ridiculously funny. You should totally watch it. The first two seasons are hilarious, but this year they are really hitting it out of the park!!

Kelly said...

I love him! SUPER hot. Have you ever seen Illegally Yours? I watched it a few nights ago on Demand - He is so adorable in that movie!

StyleID said...

I've had a crush on him for years... he is really one of those that gets better and better.
I like him since the times of Illegally Yours and remember used to visit LA with my mom with the hope I would run into him on the streets.
The teenage 'thing'

oomph. said...

definite case of the SADS for showtime, and haven't watched tv in years, lol. wonder if i can find any of these shows on!?! i did watch brothers and sisters and enjoyed seeing him there.


look at him on that cover...YOWZAS!! I will definitely give that a test drive...just sayin.

Happy Weekend! xo

Brassy said...

I don't have the time to do this justice right now. But I'm sure that when I do, I will consequently suffer from some sort of temporary paralysis and won't be able to properly type.

So in advance (and I really, really, really will be coming back): Mer-effing-ci Shan!!!!

Love (to Rob),

Brittney said...

i LOVE "my body is a microchip." seriously, parks & rec is one of my fave series right now. hilar. possibly because i'm a not-so-closet fan of amy poehler. so so funny.
and, did i read correctly...did you say "ethpecially" or something like that? seriously, i adore you. crack me up, you do.
so. poop.

heidiluxe said...

we are rob lowe believers. love parks and rec and we even search for SNL clips with him hosting on netflix. funny.
and hot. let's talk about that. how does one look better with time? i look like food thats been left out overnight.

Noe @ ADELLA AVENUE said...

I loved that Parks and Rec episode, too! He is hysterical.


Kristin said...

So, St. Elmo's Fire is my all time fave flick. I even walked down the aisle to the love them from it. SO, you know I freaking love this post! And I ADORE him on Parks and Rec!

MerciBlahBlah said...

Okay, I am definitely going to have to watch Illegally Yours now, since two people mentioned it. Can't believe I haven't seen it yet!


Brianna {four if by sea} said...

holy amazeballs...that pic of a shirtless rob is delicious.
I've loved him since the ol' West Wing days.