Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Planet Blue

It has been waaaay too long since I did a post on my love of Planet Blue. This time of year, howevs, when it is FINALLY getting warmer out, my skin is bursting into flames at the first sign of the sun, and I am missing Laguna Beach like CRAZY, I like to hop onto the Planet Blue website to torment myself a bit. Planet Blue has cultivated that cool California girl boho-chic easy-breezy, oh, I just threw this on and look better than anyone else in the tri-state-area vibe. Join me, won't you?

AK Vintage Canyon Lands Body Chain - I have been loving these body chains for like EVER, and had my inappropriate love of them reaffirmed last week when Stacy London appeared to be wearing one under a very prim LBD on What Not to Wear. The juxtiposition of the badass body chain and the proper dress was spot frigging on. And speaking of inappropriate, can we talk for a minute about my love of The London? The longer that show is on, the more I love huh. And don't even get me started on my crush on Clinton Kelly.
Bennett Malibu Crop Poncho with beads - I think by now we all know about my affinity for anything poncho-ed. This, with its sassy little coral pink beads, rocks my world.

Blu Moon The Bohemian Dress - Deep vee boho-fabulous dress? You need to get in ma closet!!!
Boyod V Neck Cinched Waist Top - Poncho-ey shape, sparkle AND a feathery pattern? It's the trifecta of perfection. Trifection?
Evil Twin Skin & Bones Maxi Dress - I love the nightgown shape of this dress (racerback tank in back) and the fishbones design on it. Weirdo chic at its finest.

Foley + Corinna Large Bali Hobo - I can't even think about how much you cost because it just pisses me off. Almost as much as the freaking colors, pattern, and texture on this bad boy - AND A TASSLE???? Stop the madness!!!
Planet Blue - if you happen across my humble blog and would like to gift any of the above items, feel free to contact me for my sizing. Luv ya like tuna noodle casserole!!!


Carly said...

Seriously that Bohemian dress is UNREAL. I loooove it. And digging the long vintage locket too...want to scoop up that whole look and go somewhere fabulous.

StyleID said...

I can't believe how cool this store is.
You item selection is great but I am 'hook' on the "Boyod V Neck Cinched Waist Top" and the "Bennett Malibu Crop Poncho with beads" Great post, loved the store.

Marie a la Mode said...

I hope Planet Blue reads this post and contacts you ; )Great picks! I love the maxi dress and the body chain.

Psst: I have a little giveaway going on right now!