Tuesday, March 29, 2011

WWD: You Take The Good You Take The Bad

Sniffles, sneezes and snot aside, we had a great weekend. My homegirl Natty Lite came over and had a nice, relaxing dinner with The Hubs, The Trips and I (and by "relaxing" I mean "not at all"). Scarlett was snatching pieces of bread off her plate while Natty wasn't looking, the boys were both screaming "COCONUTS!" at the tops of their lungs - we don't know - it's a new thing..., and we had to listen to the "Buddy Elf song" - aka Pennies From Heaven - about 879 times. Then we settled down on the couch and watched Due Date AND I STAYED AWAKE FOR THE WHOLE THING. Hollaaaa!!! Can I just say that movie renewed and refreshed my crush on this guy?

Homina homina. Dude is hot, hilarious, and hot. The trifecta of H words. I think The Hubs may have a crush on him too now, cuz after Natty left I fell asleep on the couch and when I woke up the Hubs was watching Iron Man. I KNEW IT.

It wasn't all sunshine and roses though this weekend. One craptastic thing that happened? Snow. AGAIN. It's almost APRIL for the love of the Heat Miser. Enough.

Let's talk about sex, baby....errrr...another positive weekend note. Another good thing that happened this weekend? I figured out when the hell The Real Housewives of OC is on and set my DVR for the series recording. Now I can participate in a timely manner in this lady's heee-larious recaps. Thank the hebbins those Miami beyotches are almost over, cause they are taking up valuable space on my DVR. You know, for shows like The Hills, which I maaaay have just recently started watching (way to be current, Shan) because I am currently in the midst of a deep homesick longing for Laguna, so anything close to Laguna  scratches that itch, so to speak. Anyhoooo, back to Miami - was that season a throwaway or what? Is anyone even watching it besides me? SGM????? The one I can't stand the most? Cristy. Ugh. If she gives the camera one more "I'm so cute big giant toothy smile and head bobble" I will vom.

See what I mean?!! VOM.

Puh-LEEEZE tell me I don't look like the head bobble in that photo above. Or not. Whatever. 
Good stuff? Free perfume! I have no idea why, but Elle sent me a bottle of Calyx perfume this weekend. No note with it, I don't know if it was a gift with subscription or what, but me likey. It has a nice initial burst of grapefruit, then settles immediately into something softer and more flowery. I couldn't stop smelling myself. Great scent for spring and summer. 

Bad? The Boyz in the Hood STILL REFUSE TO GO TO SLEEP when we put them in bed. As we speak I am listening to one of them whine incessantly upstairs. It is MADDENING, I tell you. They are almost three. Scarlett is SOOOOOO easy to put to bed. The boys? Not so much. If anyone else has experience dealing with this and has a successful solution (other than one that involves a box of wine - already tried that), I am dying to hear it.

Good? Self-tanner - IN MODERATION. I don't know why tanned flab looks so much better, but it do. It do indeed. Aaaaiiight, homeys, das alls I gots for now. I am going to go smack someone upside the head and then down another box of wine. KIDDING - geez! I do NOT smack my kids upside the head.
Shirt: JCP, yeah you know me
Dress: Target
Boots: Frye
Rings: Rachel Roy, local boutique

Necklaces: Thrifted, gifted, F21
Earrings: F21

Bracelet: F21



YES, self-tanner is like a concealer for flab. Actually maybe I should try concealer sometime.

Your Frye boots are killing me. Why can't anybody knock off Frye properly? I'll take a pair of Frey boots in heartbeat.

Diana Mieczan said...

I totally adore the boots and the amazing maxi skirt! Have a lovely Tuesday, my dear

livingladurée said...

I j'adore this outfit! And you are sooo very right about Miami RHW...boring! Bring on some bitch smackin with the "real" housewives....OC, New York, Atlanta, even Jersey!

SGM said...

Kristy is SO unlikeable. We can also agree that Brassy's RHOC recaps are muy excellente.

So digging the darker hair, Shans!

StyleID said...

The outfit is GREAT, the shirt is beautiful but I what I am really craving right now are your boots. Yes, even though I am at 85 degrees right now, if I had them I would wear them....
I adore Robert Downey Jr. and adore him more on this movie.


oomph. said...

i've always loved robert...we're on a first name basis, lol! but it was iron man that renewed my crush! HOT. love the denim shirt with this maxi. i ordered one from victoria's secret and it is backordered til MAY???!!! will i still want it then??



My GOD you might be one of the funniest writers I've encountered in a long time. Just added you to my blogroll and Bloglovin' list. Hysterical, you are!


LyddieGal said...

I've had Due Date sitting on my coffee table for the last week and I haven't found a moment to watch it yet, but now i'm even more anxious to.
I have a huge RDJ crush :)

Brassy said...

Oh no you dih'int!!
Thanks for the shout out guuurlfren! And a double big thank you for the shot of RDJ. I've been down with him since The Pickup Artist. Gawd, Molly Ringwald Had a good run, didn't she?

MerciBlahBlah said...

Monkey - it's true, you really CAN'T knock off Frye's convincingly, can you? From a distance they look okay, but up close? Not so much.

Diana, Laduree - fanks, ladies!

SGM - after last night's episode, I have decided that Larsa is THE WORST. I swear she mentioned in every frigging episode at least once how cute she was. Girl, build a bridge and get OVER yourself.

Style - thank you - you tho thweet!!!

Oomph - he prefers I call him RDJ. It's just our thang. I say YES to the maxi in May.

V - blushing. blushing. blushing. THANK YOU!!!!

Lyddie - DO IT. I was talking to my cuz about the movie yesterday and how through it he gets dirtier and scruffier and HOTTER as it goes on. Guh.

Brassy - oh yes I DID. I think I can top you though - I've had the hots for RDJ since Tuff Turf. Seen it? If not - I highly recommend this bit of 80s fabulousness (with a hot James Spader no less, AND Mz. RHOBH herself, Kim Richards).


Brassy said...

ShutTheEffUp!! Cute Spader AND Richards AND a coked up RDJ?!!?

I'm on that shit like Vicki is on her CrackBerry in the back of a limo. Done and done.