Tuesday, March 1, 2011

WWD: You May Already Be A Winner!!!!

Blargh - I don't know whether to keep this dress or not. It's a Loft dress I got on thrift for a coupla bucks, and it's cute, but every time I wear it I feel like I'm pulling and adjusting it constantly. Tis more trouble than it's worth, I fear.

At least I figured out that in the upgrade of blogger I can make my pics extra large. So you can see the important things. You know, like my big wooden bowl of bananas that someone keeps moving to the mantle.
What? Who DOESN'T keep a big wooden bowl of bananas on their mantle? Crazy people, that's who.
Yes, I realize there was no real segueway between an ill-fitting dress and bananas on the mantle, but it's my blog, so sue me. 
I also think by now you have realized I have nothing of real importance to say today. Maybe you're still scrolling down in hopes you are wrong. 
Alas, you are not. I fear I used up my quota of words in yesterday's Oscar post that apparently only my sister read. Sigh. Perhaps this would be a good time to tell you that we are dangerously close to 200 followers on Ye Olde Blogge, and that once I hit it, there maaaay be a giveaway. I have no idea yet WHAT I'm giving away. It may be my cat Pickles, it may be one of The Trips, it may be toe jamb, or it may be a beeeellllllion dollars. You just never know. So what I'm sayin is, if you KNOW a few people who might be interested in good old merciblahblah, kindly direct them here. Who knows, you might be the winner of a brand new Chrysler Cordova!!!!!!
Dress: Loft, thrifted. I already said that.
Boots: Sears
Necklace: Vintage, ebay
Rings: F21, local boutique, garage sale
Gold bracelet: F21
Wooden bracelets: Macy's
Belt: Hellifiknow
Urrings: World Market


Carrie said...

That necklace is spectacular! I hate wearing clothes that are in need of a constant realignment. Drives me nuts. But it looks great. The color is good!


Brittney said...

oooh oooh, puhLEASE let it be a beeeeeeelllllllion dollars! i've always wanted to win that. (yes, i read the whole post...i was totally that person, scrolling...scrollling...in hopes of finding a golden nugget. i can't help it. you're hilarious and adorable. so there.)
love that dress. sorry it's such a hassle to wear...but you just might have to suck it up and wear it again, because it looks fab on you. sorry sistah.

Jenny said...

Your jewelry is about as good as it gets sister. I love the dress on you, but if you have to pull and tug (which is so sexxxxy) then it may not be worth the trouble. Darn. You look great. And BTW I can't even get dangerously close to 100 followers - LOL!