Friday, March 18, 2011

WWD: Un-Skinny Bop

I'm PRETTY sure Emmanuelle Alt would not be caught dead in jeggings. However, since my budget is considerably less than hers, and these babies were on clearance for $4 at Target, and come April 18 my pants will all have to be elasticized for a few weeks, I got these in grey and dark blue. Nevertheless, Mz. Alt was my inspiration today.

She is all about simplicity - slouchy tee, skinniest of skinny pants, and a skinny jacket. However, since she is French, I am sure the way she says it sounds WAY cooler than that.

Also, I don't know if I'm having some sort of hormonal flux this week, or if it's because I've been listening to considerably more Britney Spears than normal, or if it's because my work week shifted from Monday - Wednesday to Wednesday - Friday so I'm running out of steam, but I am having MAJAH issues assembling my ensembles.

Seriously - I mean this ain't rocket science. It's not a tricked-up outfit. It's jeans, a tee, and a jacket, if one were to break it down (BREAK IT DOWN! Oh ohhhh, oh ohhhh, oh ohhhhh....)

I DO have an idea in my cranial lobes, though, for the CUTEST outfit. If ONLY I had skinny red pants. Tried some on at F21 recently and could barely get them over my bum to zip up. Sigh.

Speaking of un-skinnies, I got the HUGEST pair of flares yesterday at the Gap. The Super Flares. Of course, I couldn't find them on the website, but they are flarerrific. EXACTLY what I was looking for (well, almost - I would've liked if they had come in a dark rinse). Still, they were really fitted through the thigh with a ginormous flare on bottom. I tried on those adorable dark rinse trouser flares, but they weren't quiiite the fit I was looking for. 

Not to mention the flare on the trouser jeans were SO flared I could foresee a "flare accident," in which I get my foot caught in the flare and sprawl to the floor in spectacular fashion. Suffice it to say even though I tried on the supahflares with my Dany's, they are STILL too long. Sadly, this means I won't get to wear them for another week or so whilst they are being tended to at the tailor.

ANYhoooo - let's stop this crazy train, but first, please see shoes above (yes, I DO have other shoes besides the Dany's). See how the spots are faded? Any suggestions on how to revive them? Get out a black magic marker and go to town? Bueller, Bueller? Anyone? Anyone???? Okay, that's alls I gots. Ya'll have a great weekend, ya heah?!

Jacket: JCP (yeah you know meee)
Shirt: F21
Pants: Target
Shoes: Vicky's Secret
Necklace: Charming Charlie's
Urrings: F21


You may have noticed that I am ONE FRIGGING PERSON from hitting 200. Come ON, big money! Allllso, this Sunday, March 20, marks my 2 year blogaversary. I know. I can't believe it either, espesh when I see blogs that have been going for 6 months and have like, 897 followers. BUT I DIGRESS. Sooooo what I'm sayin is keep your eyes peeled for a 2 year 200 Followers giveaway in the next week.


Mrs. Kat said...

Happy 200th followers :)

Jenny said...

You got 200 followers! Happy Blogiversary! I'm digging this outfit big time - j'adore the top. I'm not sure about the spots - are the shoes ponyhair? Could you get some brown and black rit dye and dab it on to match the other stripes (sounds like a lot of work, but could be worth it if a pair of shoes is saved). That's all I got :o)

merciblahblah said...

YAY!!!! 200, baby!!! Fingers crossed that no one decides to un-follow....
Glad to have you, Mrs. Kat!

Jenny, hmmm - interesting, veddy veddy interesting...I may have to try that. I wonder if RIT comes in pen form?

Marie a la Mode said...

$4 for jeggings? Are you serious? I love them! I'm going to Arizona in May and I'm most excited to shop at Target because we don't have one in Canada.


I LOVE your classy Alt-inspired outfit here. Very comfy chic, MY FAVE. And also thanks for the Gap pants ramble/review - I need some new jeans and can't really decide how much of a flare I'm ready for...

Peetzi Jen said...

Me lubs the Gap jeans soooooo much although the ones I got aren't SUPERflare. But they're flared enough that all the mums at ballet class gave me the look...not all mums know about the fun of flares.

Happy 200!!!


heidiluxe said...

i can't believe you don't have 7841 followers. somethings are unexplainable. and i'm going to search out those jeggings because they look like skinny trousers. AND i can't believe you still have the superflares at your gap. i have searched high and low and my closest pair are 3 hours away. lame.

Megs (Happiness in the Making) said...

Good luck with the flares! I had TWO incidents in one day at work that resulted in a tear near the bottom of the jeans from my pointed shoes. Also, I think I'm going to get reported for drinking on the job and have bruised knees. But you know what? The jeans are :)

Freelance Shop-A-Holic said...

I have 13 followers!!!

You're rad!
Also I answered all your emails some time ago but not sure you got em. Come April... You go girl!

You deserve every follower on web universe ! You're one hot mommy and such an inspiration! Love this look...

As usual!

Lei said...

I love that white jacket! And the rocking shirt! :P