Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WWD: Toupee or Not Toupee?

Do you ever see someone with a wig on that is SO BAD you want to ask them, really, dude? Do you think you're fooling anyone? Toupee walked into my office Monday to see my boss (without an appointment), and came back yesterday (without an appointment), and my boss is a busy freakin guy, so natch he was gone both times.

I told Toupee he would be better off just making an appointment so he didn't have to keep popping in and I didn't have to keeping seeing his bad rug. 
Okay, maybe I didn't actually say that last bit, but I thought it fo shizzle. 
I mean, it was the kind of toupee that is SO bad you just can't look away from it, like a car wreck that you don't WANT to see but can't help rubbernecking just a little. The kind of toupee that is so bad that you're pretty sure they're eventually going to notice that you're not actually looking them in the eyes, but rather about 4 inches above their eyeline. 

Then again, Toupee was so busy looking "at my necklace" that perhaps he did not notice me throwing his mop the side-eye.

Ah, we were a pair, Toupee and me, back in the Halcyon days of youth approximately 12 hours ago.

Sadly, I scheduled his appointment with my boss for Thursday, when alas and alack, I will not be in the office. Job-share-partner? This bud's for you.
Dress: ModCloth
Sweater: Boden, via garage sale
Tights: Target
Shoes: J Simp Dany
Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Earrings: F21


StyleID said...

I would have been busy looking at your necklace.... is amazing, charming! Love the colors you are wearing.
Great outfit.

Jenny said...

I LOVE this outfit - that dress is outstanding! Fun fact about moi, I used to have a cat named Toupee - she was a diva with a capital "D". I still have her two other littermates (including her twin brother, they were both solid white with long hair, but had tufts of grey fur on their heads when they were kittens - hence the names Toupee and Wiggy). I know, I have issues....

Melody said...

"throwing his mop the side-eye" hilarious! lol

LOVE those shoes & dress!!

Linz said...

Hilarious story! Brilliant outfit!

I LOVE how you write in your posts. It's like you're thinking out loud and I totally feel like I do that too when I am writing mine.

Can't wait to check out more around your blog!

oh psbtw, I found you from the FBFF group.


ahahahaha! I LOVE when I spot a bad rug, seriously. It's like dude, you would probably look so much better if you just went raw dog with it...amazing.

Now um....I NEED that dress! Loving how you paired it with the tights and the Dany's. Uber chic. xoxo

I Live For It said...

Adoring you in red!! It is a fantastic color on you!! It goes so perfectly with your hair down like that. Love it!

I Live For It

Xx. Jewls and Liza

StyleID said...

I gave you an Stylish Blogger Award! you can see it at:

Kelly said...

At least he gave you a good story! lol I love you in red - it looks so beautiful with your hair and skin tone!

TheOnlineStylist said...

ha ha! loved this.. can just see you eying the wig... so bad, I don't know why people do it! But I found myself distracted by your shoes.....SO lovely. They are a good distraction... wigs? Not so much. x

MerciBlahBlah said...

StyleID - Awww, thank you for the lurvly compliment AND the Stylish Blogger award!!!

Jenny Jenny, who can I turn tooooo...oh wait, that's another post...cats named Toupee and Wiggy are marvy. Love.

Melody - why thank you!

Linz - glad you found good old MBB and like it!

Nicole - raw dog is at once revolting and fantastic.

Jewls and Liza, Kelly, and Online - thank you! I don't know why I don't wear more red. It is a good color for me, but for some reason, like Lionel Richie, I'm stuck on you, I mean stuck on grey. Wah waaaah....


Corks + Caftans said...

I love a bad rug.

that necklace is the HOTNESS.