Monday, March 21, 2011

WWD: The Stones

Warning: Photo-heavy post above...
I just realized as I was uploading my photos that the very last WWD ensemble I posted also had this jacket in it. Ah well....such is life.  In light of recent events in Japan and Libya, I wanted today's post to be about what I am most grateful for.
1. A day of unbridled gorgeous weather.

2. Watching The Trips get sweaty and red-faced running around the park, and climbing the wrong way up the tornado slide (or as we like to call it "the tomato slide").
3. Ooooohing and aaaahing as Scarlett got on her hands and knees and drank out of the doggie drinking fountain at the park. Just kidding. That was DISGUSTING.
4. Opening the windows in the house for the first time since winter.
6. New shoes.
7. The sweetest clementines I have ever eaten. Those babies are little bullets of goodness.
8. Hamming it up for the camera. 

(Brothers don't shake hands...brothers gotta HUG).....
9. My sweet Simon, cheesing it up. I don't know if this is how it is with other mothers, but I go in phases where I feel more "attuned" to one of my kids at different times, and I have been this way with Simon for a while, which is such a relief, as he was for the longest time, the most challenging. No, I am not by any means saying I love him more than my other two, just that we are really in sync right now.
10. Holding my boys at night, rocking them before bed, singing our song - Three Little Birds - while they snuggle into me, and request our next song (Oh A Cowboy Needs A Horse, or possibly Shake Shake Shake Senora - what? they have very eclectic musical taste).
11. The way the sunlight streamed in just as I was taking this photo of my lil punkin Scarlett.
still cheesing...
STILL cheesing...
12. That look of utter joy on Gavin's face.

13. Sitting at the dinner table yesterday and realizing just how blessed I am to have my family. Is being a parent the hardest thing I've ever done? Yes. But it is worth every minute. I know I get too stressed out and need to unclench and just go with the flow more often, but thank God I DO have moments of peace and clarity that I can recognize what it is all about. My children, my husband, our families, our home. I pray that just a moment of peace settles and registers around those who are suffering right now. God bless us, everyone.
Jacket: JCP
Skirt: The Limited
Tee: Target
Shoes: Vince Camuto
Necklace: Charming Charlie's


StyleID said...

Nice, Nice post .... it is so easy to forget that we have things that make our life 'easier' and we take them for granted .... when we learn to appreciate those things, we can recognize that, they not only, make our lives easier but also happier..... Glad to read this at the beginning of a new week.... Not to mention I LOVE your new shoes and your jacket is beautiful.

MerciBlahBlah said...

Thank you. Isn't it easy to get sucked into the "sameness" of everyday life, where you let petty annoyances bog you down and start to feel sorry for yourself thinking - is this all there is? I am terribly guilty of it, and am almost ashamed to admit that sometimes it takes something that really DOES deserve pause for thought and prayer to make me see that really, this life is a gift and I need to treat it as such.

Glad you enjoyed the post!


Bekah: Matters of Merrymaking said...

I REALLY LOVE the texture you are rockin with those prints and the studs! It really makes the outfit flow!

matters of merrymaking

heidiluxe said...

love this post. and the outfit. really. i want to steal it from you. leave your house locked. being thankful is one of the most refreshing feelings. like eating ice cream without the calories.

oomph. said...

dude...this is so rock n roll...i love it! thanks for sharing your family with us! i know what you mean about being in sync with one child :)


Amen sister! Of course the outfit is absolutely rockin' and that necklace must be mine asap!

Loving this inspiration girlie... Those boys of yours are so deliciously adorable and we are all so fortunate!


this free bird said...

I love this post and seeing your 3 little button heads. Shan I spent the weekend without heat while my landlord renovated the unit above me in the duplex the EXACT way I told him to when he pretended he was going to rent it to me, but then shanked it out from me at the last minute.

I'm glad I didn't have heat, because when it was repaired I was so grateful for it that I forgot to be pissed about the underhanded stunt he pulled. Things could be so much worse and I needed to snap out of it.

Here's to cocktails out of the doggie bowl.


Courtnee said...

Those little ovaries are aching after looking at those faces!!

For the first time in a long time I'm in a really, really good place. I'm (dare I say)happy and so thankful! It was such a long hard road for me to get here. The funny thing is, instead of wanting to hold on to it so tightly I just want to give a little of it to everyone.

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Love love LOVE your outfit! Maegan said...

love this rocker chic look!!! Super hot!! ...and your kidlets are adorable!!!

Roxy Heart said...

Love those heels!
Cute kids :)
Want to follow each other?

Laguna Dirt said...

your boys are adorable! you are so lucky you "get it." blink of the eye.
i agree with you--gratitude is the best antidote for all the totally unfair pain and suffering going on out there!