Thursday, March 31, 2011

WWD: Hello, Angels

I finally got my new supahflares back from the tailor and had a chance to give them a test run yesterday. I ain't even gonna lie - I was straight up channeling Farrah Fawcett-Majors in these bad boys.

It was all about the tucked-in Tucker for Target shirt, a thrifted Loft jacket, my Dany's, and some dope jewreys.
I mean, there is nothing more practical for hunting down criminals than 5 inch platforms, along with my trusty sidekick Pickles.
This is a good shot not only to see how skinny said flares are through the thigh, but also to see my super serious Immo get you sucka acting ability, as well as a near shot of Pickles' bunghole. He is ALWAYS trying to get that in a shot.
This shot would be WAY more effective if I had taken three photos of myself and photoshopped them into one. Too bad.
Is anyone other than me SICK of seeing the ever-present bananas on the mantle? Fugs sake.
This looks more like yoga and less like a 1970s Aaron Spelling publicity shot.
I really don't know what the hell this shot is about, but I like my jewreys in it.
SOMEONE needs a mani...
I think my work here is done. Luv, Jill Munroe.
Jacket: Loft via Goodwill
Shirt: Tucker for Target
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: You know the drill
Necklace: vintage via eBay
Earrings, bracelet, ring: F21
Geode slice ring: local boutique



Mrs. Kat said...

I've seen this Tucker for Target as a dress all over the interweb fashion blogs lately, but I really like it as a shirt!

Julie and Lauren said...

Love your jewelry!

StyleID said...

Your color selection for this outfit is great! just beautiful and you eBay necklace is to die for, I'm sure you've heard that before about it.....
I love the fact that flares are back, they look so good with wedges. Great look .

(I gave you an award)

heidiluxe said...

JUST BOUGHT THESE SAME PUPPIES ON TUESDAY. can't wait to wear them everyday for the rest of my life.

Bekah: Matters of Merrymaking said...

Way to tuck that shirt in, so versatile. I love it.

matters of merrymaking

Linda said...

You look awesome! I'm loving it all. That jacket is pretty awesome!
I don't know about you, but my long wide leg jeans have turned into a super power for me. They hipnotize people into thinking I'm cooler and more dressed up than I am. I keep wearing them to places where I should really be wearing a dress and no one seems to notice they're jeans. :) Try this method out with these. I think there's some sort of magic in the Gap jeans this spring.

Mommy Moxie said...

LOVE this outfit-the pattern on the jacket with the Tucker shirt...((SWOON))! I too am digging on the wide legs this spring and they look great with your Dany's. But what REALLLYYY makes the picture? Pickles bunghole. Classic ;)

Kelly said...

The jeans are perfect! Love that you paired the with those AMAZING shoes!

this free bird said...

is that a purple velvet jacket?? step aside...

Carly said...

well you know I love your peacocks...fabulous!
Tailor did a perfect jobbie on your are so 70's chic! Love it.
And that ring....AWESOME!

Cydney said...

I can dig it. :)
Your juurrey sure is purty. For reals! And NO WAY, I have to see this Sade painting! It sounds amazing.


your doing a giveaway with that ring, right?! I'm all ova it G! And you and the flares are BFF's. Perfect match. xo

AlbeeLucky said...

The jeans are awesome and they are the perfect length for your Dany's. Great look, loving the jewelry pieces.

Jill said...

You're so cute!