Thursday, March 10, 2011

Random Inspiration: BEE-Youtiful!!!

Lovely BEE from Atlantic-Pacific has been knocking it outta the park lately. These are some of my favey crocketts.
Girlfriend is wearing her DVF Brygid dress as a blouse, and I. Am. Obsessed. Seriously. I have been haunting the interwebs for said dress and coming up empty-handed, so if anyone out there has this dress and wants to unload it, drop me a line. I'm not even kidding. 
DVF dress worn as a skirt. Ah-ha - I spy a trend!This look is so bananas it makes me angry.
GAH! Stella McCartney a-frigging-mazing blouse, and those palazzos? Kill me now. Not really, crazy internet stalkers who may be reading this. That was just a fashion figure of speech.
Well, I hope you're happy, BEE - I have the stalkery internet crazies after me now because of my outburst above. My life is in your hands.



Carly said...

OMG...that blue and white with the orange jacket DIE...I just want to rip it right off her body.
Great post:))

bee said...

Shannan- Thank you SO much for the feature! LOVE LOVE LOVE :)

StyleID said...

Great looks! of course Stella McCartney and DVF is always a success.
I am in love of the color mix on the 1st picture!
Loving it.

Rene Braun said...

I love her blog so much!!!



Julie and Lauren said...

She's amazing and her style is impeccable! Great inspiration.

Beth said...

Thank you (and I hate you) for introducing me to BEE & her blog. I am drooling over every single outfit post and crazy with jealousy. Her wardrobe is INSANE. Will be a permanent addition to my stalking list.