Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Red Carpet Fab

 Just a few more pics I came across this morning. Crazy bananas fab-u-lous.

Nicole Richie in Halston - wish I could find again the photo I saw at one point of the back of the dress, which also has a cutout. I am sorry, but you can't go wrong with Halston. Also, is it me, or can this girl wear any style of makeup and look better than everyone else? Seriously. That sh!t ain't right.

Rachel Zoe in her own design for QVC. RZ should wear her hair like this all the damn time, because she may be the cutest ponytail-wearing-person I have ever seen. J'adore.



Beth said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me some Nicole Richie. Sister can do no wrong and looks stun-ning. Ms Zoe, who I also adore, needs to find herself a cheeseburger asap. Isn't she like 9 months pregnant??? In fact, she should probably super-size her order.

this free bird said...

what a minute. wasn't zoe's baby supposed to fly out in february? i say fly out b/c i have my suspicions that the woman is not really pregnant, but rather suited up with a bump and somewhere some other woman will pop that kid out, get on a plane and bring it to her.

i'm sowee, but she was anorexic for how many years + the age factor and she got pregnant instantly? um, and i have some water front property for $1 in arizona.