Monday, March 14, 2011

MAXIn and Relaxin

I'm not a big fan of the maxi dress for myself because, being a shortie, I feel like I look best in shorter dresses. That said, I keep coming across these gorgelina maxi's lately, and they are so cool they are making me want to punch babies.*

First up is my homegirl Frankie in this dress that I would snatch off her back. It's true. I even said it in the comment on her post. All I know is - she better watch her back - cuz that dress is PERFECTION.

Lil ModCloth numbah which I cannot find now on their site with ruffle confection roughly the size of Utah. Love.

The Whisked Away dress on ModCloth which is out of stock, and I prolly need to sign up on the wait list for before it's gone for good.

'Nother ModCloth number apparently no longer on their site. Way to be current, Shan.

No matter - this Rachel Rachel Roy is cheaper and will work just as well.

Or how bout THIS RRR. Grrrrrrrrrrr.....

Great Odon's Raven - I have no idea from whence this cometh, but a sequin maxi? That is something I could get on board with.
*I do NOT punch babies. I never have. Unless they steal my drink. Then, it's on like donkey kong. Babies - CONSIDER YOURSELVES WARNED.


Carly said...

you steal her dress...I will take her BAG...Frankie always looks great:)
loving the whisked away dress...gorgeous and flowy...just like summer maxi's should be!

StyleID said...

That dress looks beautiful. I am pretty short but the maxi-dress is a must have because you will always end up using it.
The black and white stripe dress is amazing.

Julie and Lauren said...

Aww love Frankie. What a great feature! Can't go wrong with a maxi.

Marie a la Mode said...

Ummm, Frankie's dress is Ah-MAZ-ing! Please don't punch babies! LOL

Jackie said...

Okay Shan, how short is too short to wear a maxi? I'm about 5'6", with short legs. Can I rock one? I have one from last summer I was planning on busting out again.

Also, your friend Frankie's blog is awesome! Thanks for the intro! Girl uses color and vintage like no other!

merciblahblah said...

Jackie - I'm only 5'2, but have still worn them - 5'6 seems TALL to me! Still, I think if the dress fits well and is proportionate (is that a word) it would look cute on anyone. I think I just feel self-conscious in them sometimes (weirdly) like I'm swimming in my clothing. I do have one that I want to "winterize" and wear before it gets warm again.

Yup, Frankie is da bomb. Her wardrobe is sick and wrong.

Marie - I PROMISE I'm not REALLLLY punching babies.


Nina said...

Hey sista, just an FYI, I bought the Whisked Away dress from Modcloth and it was so blech I couldn't get it off fast enough. Super cheep cheep fabric. Ewwies! I'm 5'7" 115 lbs. so the ick factor had nothing to do with being wrong for the part.


Shan...just saw this! You are too kind my friend. Thank you. And I best be watching my back sister...haha. I think I may have to go and snag that RR dress...major swoonage!! Hugs..xo

merciblahblah said...

Nina - you don't know how bummed I am to hear that. Sigh.

Nicole - awww, you're welcome. You rock, sistah!


Noe @ ADELLA AVENUE said...

I can't get over the green and gold Modcloth. Beyond gorgeous!


Lei said...

Funny! Love that ModCloth dress. I feel ethereal just lookin at it. :P