Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Etsy Schmetsy: Taste test

Okay, normally on a Tuesday I would be posting a Women's Wear Daily outfit post, but a) I HATED my outfit today after I took photos. Looking in the mirror? Didn't look so bad, but in photos? I looked like a giant blueberry. Violet Beauregarde, anyone? I'll describe it for you - electric blue maxi with studded neckline, with a leopard print cardi over it - sounds cute, right? In photos - not so much. I decided to belt said cardi, which made it better, but then b) BAM - my camera died. It's like the gods are conspiring against my sharing this particular outfit.

Guess it's a good thing I wrote up the following post this weekend. Twas going to post it this Thursday, but due to my wardrobe and camera malfunctions, you get it today.

Have you heard of the Etsy Taste Test? No? Came across it through the rabbit hole this weekend and spent waaaay too much time there, but dang if it isn't fun!  Here are some of the results that came up for me....

 Full body skeleton with top hat vintage print by DreameryStudio - Because skeletons in top hats? Why not?!

 Rural Oak Bowl by holzfurhaus - I love the texture and lines of this so much it hurts

 Sepia print by JCStilesArt - I can't help it - I still love horse art

 Vintage 1960s glossy black square purse - mituvintage - Mad Men purse? Check. Jon Hamm carrying it for me? Check check.

 Fire on the Mountain Ring by opalwing - This ring is like autumn in your hand...

 The Man Mustache Mug by retrogalusa - Just glanced at some of the rest of the items in her shop - it's all vintage hand-painted fun stuff like this. Can't wait to go back and peruse some more.

Adorkable t shirt by signaturetshirts...uh, HELLOOOOO - "adorkable musings on frivolous things????"

Black and grey lumberjack beard stocking cap by Taraduff - because who DOESN'T want to look like a lumberjack when they're oot and aboot? This this is frigging AWESOME. What is it with me and the men's facial hair items? Weird.

Get thee hence and figure your OWN damn taste out. Come ON - all the cool kids are doing it. You're the ONLY ONE who isn't.


Carly said...

aah, Love that rural oak bowl...my entire house is that classic rustic vibe...I want it on my dining room table STAT.

Sorry your outfit didn't work...happens to the best of us...I feel like the blog helps me NOT to step out into public in those "mistakes"...before I took photos of what I was wearing...Who knows what I ended up running around town in..thinking I looked cute as all hell....dear lord.

Oh, really really really great giveaway on blog..check it out sista!


First of all that bag is just frickin R.A.D. but I seriously cannot get over the lumberjack cap! Seriously?! Totally brills...

this free bird said...

Shan!! First can we discuss that bowl? Where was that log I picked up...needs to hollow it out.

And hel-loooo Fire on the Mountain Ring. My finger is calling...

Now re: the Shred: jump on whenever. I'm going to start today, Katie started yesterday, Taylor Curly in the City is grabbing her dvd and then jumping in, whenever works...i'm going to track on the blog and on the blog facebook page. Bring it on!! My saddlebags are crying to be dropped off elsewhere...


Brassy said...

Violet Beauregarde!!! Love it.

And by the way, that beard hat is mine. Mine I tell you!
[maniacal laugh]

Kelly said...

You find the best and most random things on Etsy - love it!!

Danielle Grigsby said...

I am still laffing so hard after reading about a hundred posts : D