Friday, March 11, 2011

Etsy Schmetsy: paintsquare

Got some more etsy lovefest for you (you're welcome). This time it comes in the form of d-o-p-e rustic mod wood sculpture art by paintsquare. Come with meeee, and we'll beeee in a world of pure imaginaaaation...
oh, a little carried away. Let's look at some of my favey faves:

Are you in the market for some bullseye artwork? Well, luck be a lady tonight, cuz here it is. I'm partial to the red bullseye on top because it reminds me of the London Underground logo, though I wouldn't kick that avocado one out of bed for eating crackers. Oh yeah, you can customize your own too. Suh-WEEEET!

I supah dupah giant puffy heart this lil birdie print. Tho thweet it just gave me a toofache.

Number seven...looks like heaven!

Love this little distressed rectangle. The end.

Oh yeah, they make cool jewelry too. What DON'T these people do?! Possibly churn butter. I'm PRETTY sure they don't churn their own butter. Have fun shopping, yo!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Shannan...

We do not churn butter but we have canned and made ginger ale.

Thanks so much for admiring our work and posting it on your fantastic blog.

Janet and John of paintsquare

corksandcaftans said...

churn butter... haha.

HEY! I want that bird. It rules.

Kelly said...

Love the birdie print - super cute!

MerciBlahBlah said...

Janet and John - HEY! So glad you found the feature. Good to know you do, in fact, make ginger ale. I will be contacting you for a case very, very soon...


potpie du monde said...

My fav is the distressed rectangles! I love your thoughtful posts & great blog!