Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I know, Tyra turns into more of a caricature of herself each season of ANTM, but does that stop me from watching? Hells no. The new season started a few weeks ago, and last week's episode with stylist Lori Goldstein was possibly my favorite photo shoot ever. Seriously. I was DYING for the gowns, the accessories, the jewelry. It was sheer perfection. Want to see more of Lori? Check out some features of her on The Glamourai here and here.

And now for some eye candy...

Like these three, but espesh the Mad Hatter there on the left. Girl on the right? Need to gimme dat geode slice necklace NOW. Guh.

Yes yes YES to Molly on the right. Love. Huh.

Okay - these dresses? Are sick and f**king WRONG with fierceness. And Mikaela? I don't care if your eyes are closed girl - you still one of my faves.

Crazy Tea Party Guest is my next Halloween costume. Espesh if I get to wear those rags. That stack of brathelets it tho dope. Extra points to Hannah for mastering the "Broken Down Doll" pose this early in the game.

These two bitches need to go home. Please leave your clothing in my closet before you go, and don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.



julie @ rosy + tart said...

Agreed! Those dresses are absolutely nutso yet totally perfect. Love them!

Julie and Lauren said...

I missed this, but love these pictures. Great share!

StyleID said...

Love the dresses.
Artistic, .,... Stunning in their own way ... I don't think I can pull off most of them but still great demonstration of art and design
Thanks for post. fan of ANTM.


Kelly said...

I love the hats - so redic for real life but look amazing in the pics!!


totally whacked out dresses but I love em...but then again I'm kinda whacked!