Friday, February 18, 2011

WWD: Who The Whaaaaaaaaaat?

Amy here. (see left sidebar) I like to pop in and make my thrice yearly super post. Okay, it has been more than three posts from me in the last year, but I may be 0 for however many days for 2011. Oy. That is bad. I fire me. It's so bad that I even told Shan it wouldn't hurt my feelings if she took my picture and name off this blog as I just don't seem to have time. She wasn't having any of that (yet) though so here I am to overload you with goodies. At least I've been taking pictures now and again on the in case.

Where to begin? How about with THE MOST ABSURD NECKLACE EVER that my mom got me for Christmas. Look at this vintage wonder. Look's not even vintage. Looks it, non? Santa Mom rocks.

A random day in January called for busting out the tuxedo and subtle (ahem) flower pin. Prom: Party of One, anyone? Victor/Victoria who?

Is there something on my shoulder?
Replete with the obligatory Prom Updo. Speaking many people have had someone do their bridesmaid hair and ran home/hotel/church and redone it themselves? More than once? Just me. Thankfully I am just about out of friends to get married because apparently some people (this guy) never learn.

I think this day was right after Prom day. Someone was feeling fancy that week, weren't they? I am SORRY but you score a fab sequin with overlay skirt at resale and try not to wear it.
It was brrrrrr so I really wore it with the boyfriend jacket all the live long day so this reverse strip tease is just to show you more of the skirt above. Least. sexy. strip. tease. ever.

I just told Shan that I have really got to stop dressing like an Olsen twin because what part of wearing oversize clothes/blankets when you are 5'3" and need to lose a few lbs is a good idea? Pretty sure this observation won't stop me anytime soon though.

See? For the love of tunics someone buy me a tube top. In my defense, I bought this dress to wear as a dress in the Spring but it said it didn't want to wait. I figured a talking dress pretty much trumps everything.
And THEN........PMS and boredom and a pair of ratty craft scissors met and had little bang babies one Sunday morning and THIS is the result. I made bangs for craft day. Then, I promptly went 4 days later to the salon and had my girl fix them but the below picture is my work...not too shabby. You'd be impressed for real if you saw the scissors.

Still getting used to the bangs but I admittedly did feel a wee bit more of a badass with them in this outfit. Something about a huge fuzzy vest calls for a little more edge and little less Prom Up Do. Nevermind I look like there is something frightening me in this picture. What am I looking at??? The fact that my right leg is alway suddenly broken in pictures?
I've also been doing other things besides not blogging and cutting my hurr while I've been gone. Prepping and doing this event among lots of other things.
So, please, excuse me if I disappear again as I have the most insanely awesome thing ever coming up and I can't wait to share when it is over and I can discuss freely. It's kinda blowing my mind a little. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Until then, I leave in Shan's more than capable can see how she has suffered. I gotsta come back for the Oscars at least though because it is the sads that all these red carpets have passed without me playing armchair fashion police with Shan.


Melanie said...

you have been missed! I want to steal that necklace from your mom, it's absolutely fabulous!

this free bird said...

You and Shan have been killing it in the necklace dept recently. I love the one your mom got you!!


Jenny said...

That necklace is sick and so it the sequined skirt outfit! J'adore! Love when you check in!

christie said...

I am in love with that sequin skirt. It's sparkly and shiny, two things I'm a total sucker for.