Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WWD: These Dreams

So I maaay have had a completely inappropriate dream the other night about a fellow blogger who shall remain nameless. It wasn't ME who was inappropriate in the dream, it was The Hubs. Let's set the scene.

The Hubs and I go on vacation to meet up with several fellow bloggers, and on our first night at dinner, let's just say something untoward happens between The Hubs and The Other Blogger. In the restaurant. At the table. In front of everyone.
As soon as it does, The Hubs has an expression on his face like, "oh sh!t, did I just do that in front of everyone, or did I just THINK about doing that in front of everyone?" Meanwhile, everyone is watching open-mouthed, aghast. I stand up and yell "What the HELL ARE YOU DOING??!!!"
Am I mad that he made a move, so to speak, on The Other Blogger? No. What I'm upset about is the fact that he did it on the first night of vacation with everyone, thus ruining the entire rest of the trip.
It's interesting, considering that almost any negative dream I have about The Hubs is about his cheating on me (and let me say that he has NEVER, nor do I believe he ever WOULD, cheat on me). I have woken up several times PISSED at him for my dreams. In this dream, howevs, it's not that he cheated, per say, but that HE RUINED MY PRECIOUS TIME WITH THE REST OF YA'LL. Homey, do NOT mess with my blog time.
Leatha jacket: Newport News
Ruffled blouse: J. Crew, via clothing swap
Pants: White House/Black Market
Shoes: Target
Belt: Garage sale



Marie a la Mode said...

I'm loving your blouse!

I had a dream my BF cheated on me the other night except it was with a man! : o

Ashleigh said...

This is hilarious! I have absolutely woken up ticked at my husband for something he did in a dream, at first he was offended but luckily now he thinks it's funny! For some reason this happens to me quite often!!

Love the belt!

Jenny said...

It was me wasn't it? It's my haunting beauty. HA HA HA! I almost typed that with a straight face...

I've elbowed and kicked my husband in my sleep before - he got close to me when I was having a bad dream about someone trying to get me and I let him have it. Dreams are weird things...


HAhaha I gotsta know who now. That dream is too hilarious not to give credit to the seductress! Also - PANTS! Yes!

Freelance Shop-A-Holic said...


Really word maker upper!?!?!

I love those pants. If it was me I hope I at least got into your closet to steal some of your shit. If not then tonight dream the same dream add me and we can go kick his ass. Then go shopping.

Kelly said...

HAHA! I love how you were mad at him for messing up the trip - not the cheating. I would have thought the same thing! lol

That belt is fantastic - i can't believe it was a garage sale find!