Tuesday, February 15, 2011

WWD: Parrot Head

Got this dress from ModCloth when I returned one The Hubs got me for Christmas that was too small. I don't know if you can tell from the photo below, but there are teeeeny tiny parrots all over it.

Yes, I prolly should've worn it on V.D. yesterday since it's red and all, but I'm a rebel like dat.
Don't mean to toot my own horn, but - TOOT TOOT!!! - I made the BEST dinner Saturday night. It was Big Boobs McTatas recipe for Trinidadian Chicken Stew, with a side of citrus rice salad (YUM) and mango lime lassies for dessert. Dude. We had some of the leftovers for dinner last night, and if it's possible, they were even better than the first time. The stew that the chicken makes kept the meat nice and juicy. That sounded revolting, didn't it? Well IT'S TRUE.

If you MUST know, though, I made a couple of changes to the dish based on a couple of the reviews I read beforehand. I subbed one cup of water for a cup of chicken stock, and added about a half cup of coconut milk as well to the pot. I am not ashamed to admit I stood in the kitchen with a tablespoon eating coconut milk out of the can either.

Have you HAD coconut milk? It's THAT good. Amy also informed me yesterday of a delicious coconut milk yogurt that is now at the top of my grocery list. Yes, Amy still exists, if only in my mind. Cut her some slack though - home slice is BIZZZZY these days, saving the world with Operation Shower.

Amy - that sexy bedroom glance above is just for you.

Dayum, SOMEONE did not bother to straighten their slip before snapping the photo above, did they?

Said slip is a vintage oldie but goodie, and I HAD to throw it on under the dress (it's pulled up to just under my bewbies because it's so long) because that damn dress is about as thick as a Kleenex. I mean, we have had balmy temps in the 50s the past few days, but my office still registers at about 38 degrees on a good day. Come ON, 100+ Year Old Historic Building, get with the program.

We watched Get Him to the Greek again last night (Holly - have you seen it YET?!), and it was heeee-larious. Loves me some Russell Brand and think he and Ricky Gervais should make a movie togeva toot sweet. Did you catch him on SNL last weekend? He wasn't quite as funny as I had hoped he would be, and the episode wasn't NEARLY as funny as the previous one with Dana Carvey, which I thought was the funniest I have seen in a long time. Years maybe. True story. Maybe I'm just all nostalgic for the days when Dana Carvey was actually on the show, along with Mike Myers, Jon Lovitz, Phil Hartman (RIP), Chris Farley (RIP), David Spade, Adam Sandler et al....Those were the days.
Did this post just take a turn in a completely different direction? On that note, I'll cut it short before we start talking about toe-jamb or pickle relish. Have a good one, yo!
Leatha jacket: Newport News
Dress: ModCloth
Slip: vintage
Tights: Target
Shoes: J Simpson
Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Earrings: F21
Rings: F21


Cathy W. said...

Love the dress and the whole outfit!

Christine said...

really cute dress - modcloth of course! :)

Kelly said...

That dinner sounds fantastic! In our house, we call her Bobble Head. lol

That dress is so cool - what a fun pattern! I like that you have to look closely to see what it is.

I loved your comment about things we do when we're tired - I was cracking up!!!


oh girl...you continue to amuse me! I'm loving that dress and I think you should be tooting away at that horn cause it sounds amaze! Git it sister..xo

Jenny said...

I love that dress!!! You and Oomph. rock JS's Dany's like no other - visit her blog you are kindred spirits! I have a deep dark hatred of Ms. Delaurentis. Mostly because we were pregnant at the same time and she was always on the Today show and would be so tiny and cute pregnant, meanwhile I was the round mound of rebound. I'd eat my pancakes and call her every name in the book. My stepmother watches her show sometimes and my Dad always likes to say "Oh, she's cooks?" typical man - lol!


I have not had coconut milk, but I do have an image in my head of you zoning out in front of the kitchen sink sipping tbsp's of it out of the can and it's cracking me UP.

Does your parrot dress squawk, "Lookin' GOOD!" over and over again? Cuz it should.

Valerie said...

What a cute print- I love the look of the parrots! And those SHOES are to die for! Great look. And your dinner sounds fabulous.

...love Maegan said...

You look adorable AND you totally named your son after LeBon, *wink* lol. Um, Duran Duran is the best ever. I watched that video twice before publishing my post, I love it so much, lol.

oomph. said...

aww, thanks so much for your comment! you've definitely got me hooked with your highlarious commentary on just about everything! um, don't you just love these danys?? i wear mine almost every day, lol. lucky you got them in black...can never find them in my size.


this free bird said...

Shan I love that freaking dress. It looks floofy and poofy and PERFECT ON YOU! hawtness on the shoe factor too...i picked those mothers up in purple velvet. transvestites cried out for miles around...


merciblahblah said...

Awwww shoot - ya'll are so sweet you just gave me a toofache.