Thursday, February 10, 2011

WWD: Little Calamities

I heard the words Little Calamities in the audio book I'm currently listening to (April & Oliver - check the sidebar for more info if you MUST), and immediately added it to my list of band names. That's right. I make up band names. I haven't exactly fleshed out the band behind Little Calamities yet, since I JUST heard it this morning on the way home from the gym, but I can introduce you to my other favorites. Let's taste the rainbow, shall we?

1. Pantyhose Jesus - First band name I made up, born from a story a girl I used to work with told me about her grandma who made - guess what? Pantyhose Jesus's. Jesuses? Jesus'? ANYhooooozle - she made these little Jesus dolls - for what purpose I have no idea - but made them from cotton stuffed inside old pantyhose. Kind of gross now that I think about it. I'm sure she gave them little button eyes and stitched on some kind of mouth, but I digress. I immediately heard the term Pantyhose Jesus and thought - DAYUM, someone needs to name their band that. It would probably be some kind of emo/indie/Robert Smith-lookalike, eyeliner-wearing, Edward Scissorhands-hair-wearing sad sack who wore lots of black. Duh.

2. Pink Trenchcoats - Let's do a 180 and meet the Pink Trenchcoats. I don't think it's too far of a stretch to say they would probably be a Pussycat Dolls rip-off, four or five scantily-clad girls, save for their pink satin trenchcoats. Lots of bubble-gum pop, highly choreographed, stylized eye candy.

3. Toxic Shock - Totally my favorite. Hair band. SHREDDING guitars. Black tee-shirts. Lots of scarves. I WISH I could provide you with the audio, because I do a BITCHIN lead vocal on this one. HELLO DETROIT - WE ARE TOXIIIIIIC SHOCK!!!!! If I can figure out how to include that later, I will, if only for my cousin Holly. She has heard it and can appreciate it.

Never fear - when I come up with my back story on Little Calamities, I will of course, share. Does anyone else out there do this? Come ON - I'm not going to steal your band names. I have my own. Share - this is a safe place.
Sweater: Converse for Target
Tank: Target
White skinnies: Hudson, clothing swap
Boots: Journeys
Three knuckle ring: Urban Outfitters
Snake ring: Charming Charlie's

Necklace: Vintage, eBay


Carly said...

Necklace is RIDIC. I want.
Happy Thursday:)

Jenny said...

Yeah that necklace is outstanding! I come up with production company names (dork!) most of them are a play on my maiden name (Spry) - hello, "Spry On The Wall" anyone?

GiGi said...

uh, jared and i do this daily.
we had friends over for dinner last night and were going to town with the band naming......our all time fave however, is strip mall sushi..though i must admit it might be more suited for an album title.
LOVE toxic shock.
i'll take a signed copy please....and that necklace.

406 Olivia said...

I'm already a Pantyhose Jesus groupie. And I'll trade you my first-born for your necklace.

livingladurée said...

Coffee just came out my nose...too funny! Thanks for the morning giggle!



you are hilarious and your necklace is fabulous! And P.S. there could not be a better name than Pantyhose Jesus!!! Love it!!!

chicfreakcubed said...
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merciblahblah said...

Gina - Uh, LOVE Strip Mall Sushi. This could be a good drinking game - band naming.

I am SO glad I could be the cause of nasal coffee flushing. It's the latest thing, you know.


heidiluxe said...

phyllis nefler called and she wants her necklace back. LOVE IT. troop beverly hills is one of my biggest fashion influences.