Tuesday, February 22, 2011

WWD: Fancy Sandwiches

I was making a sandwich for The Trips this weekend and had the weirdest memory. When I was a kid, the sandwiches my mom made were always cut straight across, in two small rectangles. I distinctly remember wishing every time she made them that she would make "fancy sandwiches," those sandwiches, of course, that were cut on the diagonal, hence making two smaller triangles. I always thought - wow - that's how they cut sandwiches on T.V. and in the movies. FANCY sandwiches. I strive to make both fancy and plain sandwiches for The Trips now, so they never feel deprived. Sometimes I am in the mood for a plain sandwich - mayo, turkey, and cheese - no frills. Other times though, I want FANCY, and will snazz it up with a salad dressed with EVOO, champagne vinegar, thyme, kosher salt and cracked pepper - I just make my salad and plop it on top of the sandwich. Or I'll do a grilled turkey, Gruyere and apple sandwich. Fancy.
Plain? Peanut butter and honey.
Fancy? Hummus, red pepper, tomato, arugula.
Plain? PBJ. Duh. Fancy? Smooshed avocado, kosher salt, and swiss cheese.
Today we're going for a hybrid - GRILLED PB&J cut on the diagonal.

That's how we roll in our casa. Some days it's Fancy Sandwiches, some days it's plain. So let's hear about some of YOUR Fancy Sandwiches...Go onnnn, you KNOW you want to....

Jacket: Gifty from Amy Bo Bamy
Striped long sleeve tee - FINALLY: Quicksilver
Tuxedo khakis: Old Navy
Shoesies: Jessica Simpson
Bling: F21 and vintage

Merci, and may today be a Fancy Sandwich Day to you!


Linda said...

Oh Shannon! Last night, Bob and I made smashed avocado (with salt of course), radishes, and chicken on rosemary garlic ciabatta! It was delicious!
And I have to know, do you wear those shoes all day long at work? Are they uncomfortable? I can't imagine they are since you wear them a lot! Give me the secret!

merciblahblah said...

Linda - your Fancy Sandwich sounds DELISH.

I doooo wear these shoes all day long (ONLY on days where there is no inclement weather in the forecast). Howevs, I work in a VERY small (4-person) office, and it is literally about three steps from the door to my desk, and a handful more to the restroom. They are surprisingly comfortable - more so than I thought they would be. I just have to be careful getting out of the car sometimes so I don't twist an ankle. That first step out is kind of like a newborn foal...can be a bit wobbly!


Carly said...

omg..I want a smooshed avacado and swiss sandwich RIGHT NOW! I might even make one:)
Loving those shoes...I don't know how you last in them, but they are beauts.


First of all you look fab and I of course love the shoes! And 2nd... this weekend the hubs made Pork with lemon basil mayo, arugula, brie and tomatoes on a baguette. Dare I say it was better then...well you get the picture. I am a lover of all sandwiches! xo