Tuesday, February 1, 2011

WWD: The Bright Stripes

Today (which is actually yesterday in photo-taking land) you get big, bold, bright color, because we are about to have a White Out here in the Midwest. The snow has started, and if we get the 12 - 15 inches they're calling for (and not in a GOOD way, if you catch my drift - pun intended - tee heeee), it will be "the worst blizzard in Kansas City in the last 50 years."

Dude. That is an effing lot of snow.

Grocery stores were out of milk yesterday due to people stocking up. OUT OF MILK? Screw the milk, I say - as long as I have enough coffee, wine and beer things will be just fine.

A school bus with 30 kids on board flipped over on the way home yesterday, and that was BEFORE the snow started.

Call me crazy, but I am not relishing the thought of being stuck in my casa with three 2-year olds for several days, especially just coming off the weekend. Have I mentioned before that the idea of being a stay-at-home mom never appealed to me? Like, AT ALL? I have to give mad props to the women who do it, because it is the hardest frigging, most thankless job in the world. Is it rewarding? Yes, but for me anyway, it is a crazy-maker.

What sucks is that the snow from the storm we had a few weeks ago JUST melted from my driveway. Please GOD do not let us lose our cable (or even worse, our electricity) in the next few days. Please oh please let the weathermen be just a teeeeensy bit wrong in their predictions.

And not wrong in that we are actually in for 15 - 20 inches of snow.

So even though the pics above look like I'm on my way out the door to work, I'm actually sitting at my desk in sweats, nuking my coffee in the microwave because it lost that first blush, watching flakes fly furiously outside the window, and wondering if The Hubs is going to get out of bed to get the Trips, who are just waking up.

That would be WAAAAY too much to ask, wouldn't it? Ah well, duty calls....
Striped sweater cardi: Target
Dress: Vintage
Tights: Target
Shoes: J Simpson Dany's
Necklace: Vintage, garage sale
Rings, Earrings: F21
(and stay safe if you're here in the midwest with me!)


Ashley J said...

Gawd!!! I am loving all this color on you...so awesome!

Natasha said...

I LURVE this look. May I borrow it? Fank Ewe!

Jessi said...

That is a BOLD outfit and I love every bit of it!!!

406 Olivia said...

OMG I think this is my favorite outfit on you EVER! So chic! So sexy! So Shannan!
But inquiring minds want to know: Can you drive in those babies? I think not...

Peetzi Jen said...

I'm with Olivia...and I only say that because I just got my Dany's in the mail last week and I'm wondering if I will be able to do anything but walk around the house in them. But I'm much too in love with them to send them back.

This outfit is divine on you!! And your shiny hurrs are making me jealous!!

Jenny said...

May the force be with you - I talked to my family in Chi-town last night and they are expecting up to 2 feet. I can't even imagine. No snow here in GA - we managed to miss out on this storm and I'm glad. I'm with you on the SAHM thing - I AM one and I'm ready to move on. Never thought I'd be one and then God laughed and here I am - damn economy. Love my ladies that do it and adore it, my hat is off to them! But fingers crossed I'll be able to find a job when I'm finished with my "training" in March. And to be honest, my girl is so over spending all day with me it's not even funny :o)

Kristin said...

Loving all that fabulous color! Still regretting not scoring the Dany(s) when I saw them on sale!

MerciBlahBlah said...

Awww - thanks! Ya'll are too sweet! I can indeeed drive in these shoes, which are strangely not as uncomfortable as some other shoes I own. Kristin - I don't know if they still have them, but I got a black pair of Dany's last week on sale at jessicasimpsoncollection.com for $48. They also had them in silver, snakeskin, and purple velvet. Get thee hence and see if they still have em!

It is STILL snowing outside. It's 4:30 here, and has been snowing all. frigging. day. I would guess we have at least 10 inches. Blech!

Going stirrrrr crazyyyyy....

Carly said...

OK first...no fair that you did print and on print and it looks GREAT! Whenever I try to do that...it looks like a mess. No fair.
Loving this outfit.

Re your quest: Not sure what the name of the Frye's is...they are from a while ago...but I own 6 pairs of Frye's so who can keep up with names, lol. And they are black, but very "worn" so not quite as vivid as they started out.

Frye is simple the BEST bootmaker in the biz.

this free bird said...

I freaking love this look. It is SCREAMING "Take No Prisoners Bitches!!"

I'm gonna go haul out my Dany's and walk around the house. Did I mention I'm still in my pj' at 2pm. The Christmas ones that say "more pressies please". Yes, I've lost it.

ps-print on dress is AHMAHZING

Linda said...

I love all your bright colors! I totally want that sweater vest thingy! Maybe I'll go search it out at a Target nearby.
We're in Florida right now skipping out on our St. Louis weather. We've got an extra bedroom! Ha ha! Come on down!

Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

This outfit is HOT. I would totally rock those shoes!!!