Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Maxin' and Relaxin'

Now, here's a little story...

So while Shan goes all 70s on us below, I thought I'd kick it straight 90s with a little Fresh Prince song reference to go with my throwback to the 90s maxi skirt outfit. I'm half tempted to get a coworker to video me doing the Carlton dance for you all. The other 70% of me will refrain. I think I might be bad at math.

Still on the fence about purchasing a maxi skirt, I threw this sweater over a black summer maxi dress. SOLD. Comfortable. Heard of it?  Don't even get me started on not having to shave or worry if your tights have a flaw in them. Someone (this guy) thinks there is a maxi amount of maxi in one's future.

And the sweater. Just stop me already with this vintage find at resale. Grey and black. Slight puffy shoulder. Slight drapey sleeve. Handed beaded black beads. Or as Shan says "sweatery balls."  What's not to love?
I even got a "cute" from my husband because he got to see me dressed this morning. Dude is usually still asleep when I leave. Sleeping jerk.

And, Shan, ANTM chat tomorrow. Be there.

Blah blah,

I totally still might have to go in the bathroom and do the Carlton the mirror though.


Jessi said...

I'm loving this post, especially the Carlton at the end.

I forsee muchos maxi skirts in my near future as well. I just got my first one and am excited to find many ways to style it.

Marie a la Mode said...

LOL Carlton scared me for a sec! And then I giggled.

I'm loving your maxi skirt! Can't wait for Spring when I can actually wear one without freezing my patooties off.

oomph. said...

i'm loving maxis right now...i'm in search of a white one for spring. gotta love the carlton dance.

Marissa said...

ha! fresh prince reference, nice. i've also thrown a sweatshirt (ripped by yours truly) over one of my maxi dresses when the weather is cooler. i am on the hunt for the perfect pleated skirt.

Girl Meets Bag


Jenny said...

A maxi dress is in my future that much I know. You look great!

Noe @ ADELLA AVENUE said...

I totally meant to comment on this when I first read it. I love that you included "the Carlton". But even MORE than that (if you can believe it), I love the sweater/maxi skirt combo. The puffy sleeves, too!... too brilliant for words!