Friday, February 11, 2011

Etsy Schmetsy: Oh Dier

I have a love/hate affair with Etsy. I love that I can find almost anything I want there; I HATE that I can find almost anything I want there. I came across Etsy shop Oh Dier this week Lord knows how, but I need somma dis stuff in my life. They have photography, prints, wooden toys and wood signage, but it's the signage that I love the mostest. These are some of my favey crocketts:

Nothing says Happy Valentine's Day honey like a Nerd sign.
L.A. in a courier font? Uh, YES PLEASE.
Thimple. Thweet. Love the color.
O.M.G. this. is. buh-na-nas. LIT-e-rally.
Have fun shopping, yo!


Oh Dier said...

Wow--Thanks so much for featuring us like this! You guys are buh-nan-ahs!

Kelly said...

Very cute!

Jenny said...

LOVE these!!!!