Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WWD: You Say You Wanna Resolution....

I read back over yesterday's post and felt kind of gross that it was all "complainy," espesh about my kiddos, so I vowed that today's post would be more positive, more uplifting (though frankly I don't know what is more uplifting than Kristin Wiig screaming "TOBY!" at the top of her lungs - still, I'll do my best).

The new year is a time to look forward to resolutions and goals, NOT a time to look back to 6 a.m. when one's children are mysteriously waking up WAY too frigging early. No, the new year is a time to strive to be a better person. To be thankful for what one has. In that spirit, I thought I'd do a quick run-down of some things I'm thankful for, and some resolutions I'm working towards. Come along. Taste the rainbow.

1. I'm thankful for my hair. Seriously. It's pretty good hair. I mean, it's no where near as good as my friend Natty Lite's hair, but it's relatively easy to deal with. In a follow up to an earlier post, howevs, I am not loving my WEN (sorry Jen). I'm just not. It feels like it's never quite clean when I use it. Granted, I only wash my hurr every three to four days if I can get away with it, but when I'm using my regular shampoo it just doesn't feel weighed down like it has with the WEN. I switched back today to my regular stuff to see if it feels/looks any differently, and if it doesn't, well then I guess my resolution is to wash it more often. Crap. I mean, I look FORWARD to washing it more often.

2. Another resolution? To get some damn PRODUCT from people for pimping them out. HOW IN THE HELL DO OTHER BLOGGERS DO THIS????? Come ON, T.J. Maxx, I have pimped you out repeatedly, and no $500 gift certificates for the love? I'm talkin to you too, Marshalls. If you're a blogger who has been gifted stuff I would LOVE to hear from you, cuz free stuff in 2011 is my motto.

3. Stop cussing so much.

4. Get to my goal weight, already!!!

5. Come up with some new poses. In that vein, I give you "Take Flight:"
and "Like A Prayer..."

6. Stop caring so much if a post only gets a few comments. And STOP COMPARING MYSELF TO OTHER BLOGS. We all know blog land is like high school all over again, and I have to resolve within myself to stop being the band geek, and be more like the cool chick who smokes behind the school and doesn't give a shit what anyone else thinks. Oh hell, see resolution number three.

7. Stop closing one eye when I do my hurr. I'm not even joking - you can ask my sis. JUST STOP IT - it's not helping.

8. Curtail the shopping. Nuff said.

9. Enjoy the siiiilence. Oh, wait - that's a song, not a resolution. Enjoy the trips. Be present with them. REALLY listen.

10. Pay for the car behind me at Starbucks more often, starting with this morning.

11. Do more giveaways on zee bloggity-ogg.

I think that'll do for now. Stay tuned!

Dress: Vicky's Secret, via etsy
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: World Market
Urrings: ????



Julie said...

LUUURVE that dress! and amen to resolutions 4 and 8.

(p.s. hi! I've been reading your blog for a while and I think I may have commented once or twice before. But MY resolution is to comment more on blog I read on the reg. so hi! and thank for posting. i love it. truly.)

Jenny said...

If you can find out how to get some swag-ola then let me know, I swear I can't figure out how other bloggers do it either - lol! I'm so digging that dress!! (I'm glad you are updating on the Wen, I don't wash my hair that much either so it's good to know what you thought of it)

Kelly said...

You are hysterical!!! I love your list - keep me updated on swag watch 2011 - I have no idea how peeps do it either!

Paula said...
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Paula said...

Ok, so I have sporadically noted the books you are "currently reading" and today caught my attention. Paul Auster - love his writing style, but haven't read any of his newer stuff. I think you should write reviews of the books b/c I can only imagine how fantastic they will be!!!

and love, love, love the outfit today!

Diana Mieczan said...

That is such a great list! I totally love your dress and the necklace is so pretty with it

Ps: I am hosting a great home decor GIVEAWAY today, so please join in :)

this free bird said...

Shan I love you - you're honest and it's my fave. And your hair. And your rad vintage finds. And even your cussing. Brothers in arms.

I'll try to cut it down, too.


GiGi said...

give and you shall receive.
so, give me that dress.


MerciBlahBlah said...

Julie - YAY for commenting resolutions! I need to be more diligent about doing it myself. Glad you enjoy the blog!

Jenny - I will be SURE to let you know if I figure out how to score the swag.

Kelly - Swag Watch 2011 - my OFFICIAL new byline. Thanks, mamacita!

Paula - I had never heard of him until I got this book, but always hop on amazon and read reviews if it's a book I'm interested in, so I'm definitely going to check into his earlier stuff - most reviews seemed to favor that, and the New York stuff in particular. Hmmm....good idea on the book reviews. Maybe I'll have to add a new feature!

Diana - awww, thank you sweets!

Carrie - brothers in arms, indeed, woman. I have no qualms about being honest in my desire to score free merchandise.

Gina - I'll trade it to you for that vintage chevron fur. What? That's a fair trade!!!


Freelance Shop-A-Holic said...

What's cussing?
Shan!!! You're amazing! Kids suck

but we love em! Keep bein real!!
I love coming here! I am brainstorming for us mom fashionistas and well. Anyone.
I'll keep you posted on my idea. I hope you will jump on board you potty mouth!
LASIK healing nicely! I can see. Yay eyes !!!