Tuesday, January 4, 2011

WWD: That 70s Show

Pardon my French, but what are my chillruns doing getting up at 6 the fuck o'clock? Arrrggghhh!!! Sooooo frigging irritating to walk out of the bedroom after getting ready for work, going to fix some breakfast, and hear a whine coming from upstairs. And the boys have their particular whine down to a frigging art. A science even. It starts on a high pitched note for a few seconds, then swoops down to a lower grunt. OverandoverandoverandeffingOVER. Scarlett, who whines a tenth of what the boys do, sounds more like a baby owl. Whooo whooooo whooooo, so it's not quite as annoying. Maybe even a little cute.

The boys, though, know how to push my buttons.

I feel bad even writing this, because I feel sometimes like the only parent who gets annoyed with my children. I read on other blogs about how precious their children are, and here I am bitching about mine. Don't get me wrong - mine are precious beyond belief. I love them with all my heart and would crumble if anything ever happened to them, but as Kelso used to say on That 70s Show, DAYUM, Jackie!

For some reason I always thought girls were more high maintenance than boys, and maybe one day this will switch, but for now, there is no contest. These boys are DEMANDING.

Speaking of Suzanne Somers, I cannot decide if I like this outfit better with jacket or sans jacket. Et vous?
Got this dope vintageriffic shirt from Amy Bo Bamy for Christmas (among a few other goodies yet to be revealed).
Because I'm feeling charitable after my little outburst above, I thought I'd leave you with this HI-larious sketch from SNL. I am still giggling over it. You're welcome.

Blouse: Vintage, gifted
Wrap sweater: The Limited
Jacket: Loft, Thrifted
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Jessica Simpson




Jenny said...

Oh girl, you are so not the only one to be annoyed by your kids. My girl can push my buttons like no other. Boys are just as as "high maintenance" as girls. My girl is exactly like my youngest brother - exactly. Drama all the time, constant need for attention, it's scary how much they remind me of each other. I used to pray I wouldn't have one like him, because he was completely exhausting, and well, here I am (they even have the same birthday), whew it's a chore some days :o) At least she's cute and makes me laugh!

Linda said...

So, I don't have kids. But I was super mean to my dog all day yesterday. :) Ha ha!
You look fab and I think I like it with the jacket on.
Hope tomorrow is better for you and the kiddos. At least you know they're gonna grow out of it. :)

Anonymous said...

I found this blog while searching google for pictures of "cute baby owls"... However, this blog is creepy. just saying...