Monday, January 10, 2011

WWD: Short Order

So here's my take on the shorts/tights in winter trend, and 24 degrees may have been a taaaaad too cold to try it out. Still, I liked it, and The Hubs LOVED it. It was also strangely comfy to wear around the house and still keep relatively warm.

Took my girl Scarlett to the salon for her first haircut (really just a trim) because girlfriend has THE CRAZY CURLS. It looks so cute when it dries after her bath, but if she sleeps on it, it becomes this matted, crazy, Gene Wilder-esque frizzball in the back.

I swear, I am NOT lifting my leg to fart in this pic - despite what Amy or my sister might say.

Ohhh, here's a good shot of my new tiger ring I won from Dirty Hair Halo and Fox House (thanks, mamacita - it's DOPE)!

Yup, STILL love the new coat from Mod Cloth. Like, inappropriately love it.
Military jacket: Thrifted
Striped shirt: JC Penny

Shorts: Old Navy

Tights: Target

Striped Peacoat: ModCloth

Boots: Target

Ring: Fox House



Nicole Richie Anonymous said...

Lovely look. Love the striped coat xx

merciblahblah said...

Thank you! It's funny - I totally ripped off this look from a photo I saw recently of Nicole Richie. Go figure!


livingladurée said...

Too funny...I took my Bleu for her first haircut yesterday and I have that ring! Love it all!


merciblahblah said...

Amy - It's like we are living parallel lives.....

406 Olivia said...

Do you win EVERY SINGLE giveaway ever?!??! Lucky!

Also loving the coat.

merciblahblah said...

Not ALL of them. I didn't win the damn Alexander Wang bag from Beso (as far as I know). I just enter whenever I see a contest figuring the more things I enter, surely I'll win SOMETHING.


Jenny said...

I love that jacket!!!

Freelance Shop-A-Holic said...

This is brilliant! Imma gonna copy you!