Tuesday, January 11, 2011

WWD: Hoarders

My title has nothing to do with this outfit, it's just that The Hubs and I just finished watching this week's episode. TWO THOUSAND RATS????? Come ON, Glen from Llano, California. Is that necessary? Apparently we are hoarding snow here in the Midwest. For reals. It has been coming down like a mutha since about 10 a.m., and it's 10:20 p.m. now. ENOUGH.

But back to Hoarders. Am I the only one morbidly fascinated by this show? I find myself very angry with the hoarders each week. It's interesting, I do not get annoyed by the contestants on, say, Biggest Loser, and find myself rooting for them. Granted, I am only exposed to the hoarder for one episode, but both hoarders and over-eaters have reasons for continuing their behaviors.

Still, for some reason I find it easier to understand - or maybe empathize is the better word - over-eating, but hoarding? Not so much. It's bad enough when it is someone who lives in a home by themselves, and choose to live that lifestyle, but to subject someone else to it, especially a child, seems very selfish to me.
I try not to judge - my husband might say I hoard clothes...

He would DEFINITELY say I hoard jewelry.

Possibly shoes and accessories, but then, I don't have an entire closet devoted to JUST accessories (cough, cough - AAAAAAMMMMMYYYY). Hey, like I said, I'm not jeedging. That's sheer envy. I'm not afraid to admit it.

Top: JC Penny
Skirt: F21
Tights: Target
Booties: Target
Necklace: ASOS
Ring: Fox House



Jenny said...

Total fascination with that show and yes it can be endlessly frustrating to see people choose stuff over people. It's so very sad...

Kelly said...

2,000 rats?!?! For real?!? SICK!!!

That ring is delish - it distracted me from my disgust about the rats. (Seriously - sick!! Of course, now I want to watch it... lol)

this free bird said...

Me-OW! I freaking love your ring Shan! On the news last night was a camper/trailer where someone lived with...wait for it...196 cats. WTH is going on in the mind of a person with 196 cats in a WINNEBAGO??

ps-did you get my email re: your friend?


Noe @ Adella Avenue said...

Love the stripes with necklace combo!

-xoxo Noe

Jenn from Much to My Delight said...

I always fall asleep at some point in the last 20 minutes of that show so I never get to see the outcome. How they clear out some of those places is beyond me.

On another note...don't you look cute?! Love the necklace! And not to worry--jewelry hoarding has a pretty low chance of enticing rats, so you should be just fine.

Ashley J said...

I watched that episode of Hoarders....that show is crazy and makes me want to throw up every.single.time! Found you through the IT list and now following.

thirtynothing said...

I get enraged when I watch that show. They're always so selfish, and pissy about their things being taken away. "Lady, you have 25 birds in cages in one room. The bird fecal matter is now causing a haze in the air and impacting the air quality in your house, and also your health. WAKE the EFF UP." I'd like to be a hoarder's life coach, but my method would be straight slappin' the shiz out of em, as if they were in shock.

Anonymous said...

Hello??? Compassion, anyone? The guy lost his wife. People deal with pain and grief in a myriad of "crazy" ways. The point is, it's about pain. Obviously, the majority of these people are in a great deal of pain. There are reasons people create this kind of situation for themselves. It can't be easy to live like that, but obviously it must actually be easier than dealing with whatever it is they're avoiding feeling. Why is that so difficult to see?

Sally said...