Thursday, January 13, 2011

WWD: The Facts of Life

So I'm going to go stand naked in front of another doctor today who will tell me what he can do to change the thing(s) I don't like about my body. I will remember to shave this time, since the last time I did not, and they DID take photographs. No head in them, but still, blech.

I would LOVE to hear from anyone who has had a tummy tuck. The Hubs and I had A Talk about money last weekend, and how much we have spent in the last month or two (a lot), and how he would be okay using our tax return so that I can get the tuck. I would say that's a helluva deal.

I would also say I am trying - REALLLLLLY trying - to curb my shopping. I don't need anything. My closet is bursting at the seams. I have a bit of fun money that I can use, but once that's gone, I have made a promise to myself NOT to pull out our joint plastic. It's killing me softly. I have made a deal with myself that if I need a fix - reeeeealllly need a fix - I can do it on thrift.

Purple Stone Ring: Rachel Roy; Green agate slice: Local Boutique; Gold Ring: Charming Charlies; Bangles: Old Navy; Bracelets: F21, Old Navy

I am trying to make an effort to reuse/recycle/remix the things that are hanging in my closet. Pull out those items that haven't seen much wear and mix them in ways I hadn't thought of previously. There is absolutely no reason I shouldn't be able to do this. The good thing? I have gift cards at both F21 AND ModCloth, so there's that.

But back to naked doctor time - I'm tired of looking at my stomach in the mirror every. single. morning - bending over and looking at the sagging skin in disgust. Why don't you just stop doing that, Shannan? Well, I wish I could. It's my own personal OCD tic. Believe you me, the old grey mare just ain't what she used to be.

There's a reason - it could be because once you get to this point:

(there's a reason I couldn't lay on my back without passing out)
There's no going back to this point:
Not that I was ever at THAT point, but still, you get my drift. Yup, Camille, SOME of us actually carry our own children. And then we need a lil help afterwards. I cannot BELIEVE I just posted that photo. Ah well, you take the good you take the bad, you take em both and there you have the facts of life....

Dress: Newport News
Faux Fur Vest: Rachel Zoe for QVC
Tights: Target
Boots: ZooShoo
Necklatheth: Vintage/thrifted



Courtnee said...

You rock the faux fur vest like nobody's bizness!

I,too,am waiting for the day when i can get a little tummy tuck(and perhaps a boob lift) but we are trying to get pregnant again{Lord help me...what am I thinking!}

I've already told hubs I want it for my 40th bday! I don't know anyone that's had one so I'm interested in what the recovery is like. Good luck at the docs;)

Jenny said...

I had a dream about Camille last night (I know, I have no life) - her daughter came up to me and said "My Mommy never plays with me." Sad, right? And sadder is, it's probably true. Girl, your pre-birth photo is better than mine. I only had one kid in the oven and I was ginormous (like 65 lbs more ginormous). The skin doesn't bounce back like it did when I was say, 25. I've got the crepe, droop look working on my lower abdomen. Go for the tummy tuck, if it makes you feel better than do it. I'm angling for some permanent hair removal...

Kelly said...

Hey - whatever makes you feel better! We can't all have surrogates a la Camille - right?

Love u in that vest - you totally rock it!

406 Olivia said...

Aww...I think you're beautiful and perfect and I love you just the way you are. BUT if it makes you love yourself more, then do it up! My deal with myself about a boob job is that if/when I get the rest of my body in tip-top shape, then and only then will I consider a boob job...


this free bird said...

Shan - first, you look awesome and I think you're amazing and I've seen you in person. With your clothes on - wanted to make that point jic.

However, you had triplets and I can totes understand where you're coming from. You're a thrifting queen so that will hold you over. I'm on a spending FREEZE (3 weeks and counting. So proud of myself except i accidentally bought a pair of high waisted denim but the chef said it was okay since i closed a search and could get ONE thing. promptly back to the deep freeze).

Anyway back to you. I will never utter this name again: but that witch Kate Gosselin looks pretty damn good w/her tuck. Seize the day!


Linda said...

You are so funny! You look totally awesome to me. And I can't believe you had 3 babies in you at once either! Hope everything works out great though.
And about the shopping thing...well, you should know I'm super envious of your wardrobe. I think you should take this on as a stinkin' challenge! Go for it Shannon! You mix and match like nobody's business!

Chasing Davies said...

I LOVE that fun dress - a dress that can go through any season, I love how you winterized it with that faux-fur vest!

Freelance Shop-A-Holic said...

Do it! As mothers we lose our bodies. It's okay to try to get a little back. I bought new boobies. I love them. I did it because you couldn't tell if I was coming or going. You're beautiful and you deserve this! Screw clothes (can't believe I'm saying that) for a while. We can handle you mixing it up a bit while you take time for YOU!
I love RZ for the Q!!! She really does some fun accessories.