Monday, January 31, 2011

WWD: Alamande Left

No, I'm not back to in-the-mirror shots, but I was oooot and abooot this weekend and stopped to snap a few pics before running out the door because I lurved my outfit. True story. I ain't gonna lie. Sometimes an ensemble comes togeva and just works.
Speaking of working, I was finishing up my Cleopatra, A Life audiobook, which has mentioned Caligula a few times, which made me think of a couple I used to babysit for in high school, who, every Friday night without fail, went out. Square dancing.

Like, in the big square dancing dress with several crinolines underneath? Somewhat like this, if you're unfamiliar...

And I thought they were SO. GLAMOROUS. Now, looking back, I realize with her frosted mullet, blue eyeshadow and heavy black eyelines, they were a wee bit more Dogpatch than high glamour. I DO recall putting the kids to bed each week, heading down to their den, turning on some Cinemax and watching a lot of Lady Chatterly's Luvah or Caligula. Oh what - like YOU didn't take advantage of the Skin-emax late at night too.
Chambray shirt: JC Penny
Tee: JC Penny
Faux leatha leggings: Target
Boots: Charlotte Russe


406 Olivia said...

Like I don't still take advantage of the Skin-emax late night programming!

Dying for your boots...

merciblahblah said...

you pervy wanker...

you, too, can have boots similar to these from as you may have guessed, everything there is 15 dollah to make you hollah.


Corks + Caftans said...

caligula gives me big time head-rolling nightmares, but your outfit does not. which is why all is alright in the world and I'm commenting. If I saw you in the store today (in my thermal, jeans and snow boots) I'd probably hate you, but actually I love you. So well done. This is a favorite. L-l-l-layers.


Jenny said...

Oh yeah, we all have partaken (is that a word) in Skinamax. We all may have even seen Camille Grammar and not even known it - lol! Ewwww