Friday, January 21, 2011

Swappin Two: Electric Boogaloo

So tomorrow I'm attending Swappin Two: Electric Boogaloo (a ladieth night clothing swap a rama lama ding dong at this fine lady's casa), with some fabulous ladies including my friend Natty Lite, but sadly, wivout Amy Bo Bamy, who is in Saaaan Diegoooooh this weekend whooping it up on her own girls' weekend at a spa. How sad for her (btw Ames - thanks for the title of this post). I think we all know that dressing to impress the ladies is WAY more difficult than dress to impress the mens. I mean, all you need for that is a boobtacular shirt, short skirt and hooker heels (but mostly just the boobs). With women, you have to consider jewelry, shoes, handbag, jacket or coat, and hairstyle. See - WAAAAY harder! As such, I have been stressing all week over what I'm going to wear. Do I dress up because after all, it IS a night out? Do I go more casual because it's at Mel's home, and we WILL be trying on clothing, so it's important to wear something that is easily shed?

I scored a bagful of bargains at J.C. Penny this week, including a charcoal silk slouchy blouse, so I may do something like that wif my dark denim flares and J Simpson Dany's, and maybe even get crazy and throw on my faux fur vest with it. Or a jacket. Definitely some bling. SEE???? I STILL can't make up my mind.

Not only am I dealing with ensemble stress, but tomorrow is the day I'm going darker wif my hurr. It's one thing if The Hubs doesn't like it, but if the ladieth at clothing swap give me the side eye, I'LL JUST DIE.

So what do we think? Here's my Polyvored version of what I'm thinkin bout, Willis. Not flashy enough for a pack of glamourai? Or is it "she looks like she just threw it on but STILL looks fabulous" enough? HELP!
Happy Friday, Yo!


Natasha said...

A) you look fabulous in sweats, so don't worry your purrty little head off.

Second) I can't WAIT to see the hair.


Jackie said...

I think the outfit sounds fabu! And I am SO jealous of your close proximity to Melanie. I would be in hog heaven if I could go to that clothing swap party with two of my fave internet pals. (I just sounded 80 years old right there didn't I?)

Also, you are the best in the west for leaving that sweet comment yesterday about my hair, after that horrible mean anon one that made me want to cry (I didn't though, thankfully, which was a miracle because it's that crying time of the month knowwhatimean?) So thankful to have some awesome girls who have my back!

On another note-ran across another fashion blog recently you may like: Have you seen it before? Okay enough with worlds longest comment. Have a great weekend!

The Girlie Blog said...

Have fun at the swapping party!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

those shoes are fabulous. I love it.

Carly said...

TOTALLY feel you on house party situations.
Usually my easy fix is a great dress w heels...but when you are heading to casually sit at someone's house w a glass of seems silly to wear your best dress. SO you have to find a great pant/jean outfit. Which is SO much harder. Loving the flared jeans as opposed to a skinny...I am on the prowl for a great flared 70's styled jean. I found the BEST skinny at Old Navy, so maybe I will be lucky twice. Thanks for the suggestion.