Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Red Carpet Madness

I know, I know - I already did my Golden Globes recap here, but the February issue of InStyle did a piece on Cameron Diaz's top ten red carpet moments, and I have to say, she may be one of the most consistently FAB-U-LOUS celebs. She takes risks, and most of the time they just work for her. Soooo, wivout further adooooo, here are InStyle's top ten Cami looks, from 1 to 10. Enjooooy.

1. This frigging fuschia Dior manages to be somehow ruffled yet simple and chic, clean yet girly. And puh-leeze - do not EVEN get me started on the turqwaaaaz jewreys. Rachel Zoe earned her money on this one.

2. Um, hi, Mz. Gold and Pewter Vicky Beckham number that is 40s fab. You're a little minx, aren't you? I don't love the shoes with this one, but the fact that her arms look like she could arm wrestle Sylvester Stallone or Madonna and win makes up for the shoes.

3. This one made number three? REALLY? Me no like-a da Louis Vuitton that looks as if it is melting down her chest. It's like the sad sack sister of Cha-Cha DiGregorio from Grease.

4. This Alexander McQueen should've been number two in my humble opinion. She is like a freakin Oscar statuette in this. That sh!t ain't right.

5. Ladylike luxe in the Bottega Veneta, and I wouldn't kick those shoes out of bed either.

6. Awwww, thith Valentino is tho thweet it gives me a toofache. I kind of wish it were in a bright color because she looks so good in color, but then maybe that would push it into Barbie territory. No one wants that.

7. That hangy-down strap on this Chanel Couture is driving me to the brink of insanity. There. I'm insane. Don't love this one. I mean, girlfriend has a slammin body in it, and I love that her shoes make her legs look even longer than they already are (jerk), but I just don't love the faux turtleneck look. Call me qwazy.

8. Ahhhh, ye olde architectural Dior. Lovely, if a wee bit boring, but not many women could pull off that origami pleating over their mid-section and still look thinner than anyone else in the room. And I need to find out what she does to keep her arms so toned. Is she curling barrels or something?
9. This Michael Kors is one of my favorites - I'd put it at number three. I love love LOVE the nautical stripes, the poufy skirt. It's just perfection.

10. Oscar de la Renta, you do know how to make a women look like a glamour goddess. This dress is sheer Old Hollywood drop dead dreamy.
Which ones are YOUR favorite Diaz dresses?


Jenny said...

Okay look #1 is probably my favorite ever - LOVE it! Adore the McQueen gold dress, gorgeous, the #8 Dior and the Michael Kors stripes. Swoon!

Julie said...

Check this out for CD's Green Hornet workout:

My pilates instructor had us doing #2 and oh em geeee! my abs and arms are still burning three days later.

BABI said...

i like the 7th picture. so chic! :-)

Noe @ Adella Avenue said...

If I had to pick one, I'd say the #8 Dior. The lines, the pleating, and she pulls it off. Love it!


Kelly said...

I love the mix of pink and teal in the first pic - so pretty!

Vegas Fashion Stylist said...

Love Cameron Diaz. I like the 2nd one the best because not everybody could pull off all that metallic. I also like it when she had black hair.

heidiluxe said...

#4 is so great. i love how her hair is not fussy but she's still so HOT and elegant!

BUT, i would love that turquoise earring and necklace set with everything.

ps- yesm married to a thomas. scarlett is my daughter. and i used to live in kansas city. isn't that where you are based?