Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes Extravaganzaaaaaa

Despite the fact that our DVR cut off for a few minutes so I missed part of the awards, I saw enough to make up my mind about who looked smashing, and who look broke down. I'm a sucka for a low back or backless dress, espesh if the front is somewhat demure, so it's no surprise who my top three were:

Number One With A Bullet:

DAYUM, Anne Hathaway! For reals - when she first came on screen (I was watching the pre-show), I had just walked into the room, and she walked on screen. I GASPED aloud, drooled a bit, then rewound and gasped aloud again. This is a bold statement, but I think this may be my favorite look EVER. At ANY awards show. I ain't even lyin. The color? The shoulder poofs? The back? For the love of Alexis Carrington, the BACK?????!!!!! Her hair was so gorgeous and shiny and perfect too. Anne, would you be my friend? Yes___ No___ Maybe___

My second favey fave:
Claire Danes: This color was PERFECTION. On screen it was even better than the photo above, and made her skin look dreamy. I always have a fondness for Mz. Danes because something about her reminds me of my sis, so she automatically has a leg up over everyone else. The simplicity of the dress though, and that halter, and the low back (durr), created an amazingly chic look.

Number Three?

Really? Eva Longoria? I know, I was surprised too. I do get a little tired of her always doing the mermaid thang, but the relatively simple front of the dress combined with that knockout back did me in.
Another fave:

Heidi Klum: Wait, what??? It's not her usual trifecta (short, tight, and shiny)???? I KNOW! I love this delicious 70s looking Marc Jacobs. Her hurr? Not so much, but everything else looks b-a-n-a-n-a-s.

And now to those who were nice, but din't knock me socks off:

Hallie Steinfeld: 14 years old and in an age-appropriate dress? Will wonders never cease! This is lovely, and the turqwaaaaz clutch is dope. Also think the simple, slicked-back pony is spot on.


My newest girl crush, Mila Kunis. This color was pretty popular last night, and looks gorge on her, but I'm growing a wee bit weary of this style. Don't get me wrong - she looks beautiful, but I've seen her look even mo bettah.

Olivia Wilde: This was the first dress I saw on the pre-show, and I thought I loved it, but the more I see it, the less fond I become. Kind of like when you're eating Funyons, and the first few bites are like heaven in your mouth, but then you realize they may just be pork rinds in disguise, and by the end of the bag you're ready to declare mutiny on them. Or maybe I'm being a tad dramatic.
Angelina Jolie: At least she wore color. The dress is pretty amazing, but can we can a hurr-stylist up in here? For reals. Not good.
Annnnnd now for the least faves?

Helena Bonham Carter: Is anyone surprised by this?

Julianne Moore: She is a gorgeous woman, and this color looks fantastic on her, but I just don't love it. That one arm that looks as if it's eating the dress does NOT work for me. If both sides were a halter held by that amazing necklace, I could get on board. Alas....

Leighton Meester: Jessica McClintock called and wants her Gunne Sax prototype back. I HATED the way she held up the dress too, as she walked on stage to present. I was mortified.

Sofia Vergara: Okay, she doesn't look HORRIBLE - I mean, it looks like she was sculpted by cream cheese, and she's sex on a stick, but I think she was almost a caricature of herself last night.

That's all I've got for now. I'll let you weigh in - who were your faves? Least faves? Amy? Amy? Bueller? Bueller??????
EDIT: Judging by the ensembles we like to rock in my house, it's pretty clear that I am well-qualified to stand in judgement of the red carpet.



Are you happy now, Holly?!!!


Jenny said...

Totally with you on the first three - outstanding!!!

GiGi said...

how flipping adorbs are your little dudes??? love!!!
have you found any R zoe pics from last night?? dying to see a full pic..only saw some lame pic that she tweeted.
i can't stand that word--tweet. dumb.

Melanie said...

I kind of liked Leighton, although the dress wasn't really Globes worthy. I heart Claire Danes SOOOO much. I used to carry around a picture of her that because I wanted my stylist to duplicate her hair color (she was less Strawberry blonde at the time) I WANT THAT PINK DRESS!

heidiluxe said...

hi. just found you. can't believe i lived without you for this long.

when i saw leighton meester walk out holding her skirt my first thought was that if you want to wear a big girl dress, you've got to learn to walk in a big girl dress. and i LOVED all the long sleeve gowns. so glad that the way-over-done strapless gown look is petering out.

SGM said...

Agreed, Shans! On everything. I try to hard to hate Annie, but I can't. LOVED her look.

Jackie said...

Julianne Moore totally disappointing me. What a party foul. And Claire was my absolute fave. Stunning.

Glad you liked the Lucy Laucht blog! Good stuff over there.

Kelly said...

I was totally girl crushing on Anne Hathaway - she totally nailed it!

Your kids are number 1 on my list though so friggin cute!!!

MerciBlahBlah said...

Gina - yep - I did see a somewhat decent photo of The Zoe. She should ALWAYS wear her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She may be the cutest pony-tailed woman ever. Thanks for the compliment on the dudes - we think they're pretty cute!

Heidi - SO glad you found us! Hope you stick around!

Emily - WHAT???? Hate Annie?!! How is that even possible? Glad you came to your senses!

Kelly - Awwww, thank you!


Meghan said...

Yeah, Helena Bonham Carter looked like...Helena Bonham Carter. She's a female Johnny Depp and I love them together in movies.

And what a great analogy on funions you have.