Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WWD: Amy's First Girlfriend

A little more pattern mix-master Jay up in here for your Wednesday.


Blouse: Thrifted
Jacket: F21
Belt: Who knows? It ode.

Skirt: JcPenney. THE Penney.

Shoes with teeny ruffled leather trim: DSW (Steve Madden)
Jewelry: F21

Shans, here is my childhood story: One day in Mrs. Bailey's 1st grade class we were blessed with a new student. A really, really cute new kid that I immediately decided was going to be my new boyfriend. Short, dusty blonde hair, blue eyes, Garanimals. You name it. The total package.

So, you can imagine, I was both excited and nervous when asked to stand up and lead the pledge of allegiance that day. It was my time to shine and impress my future husband.

It was as I was walking up to lead the pledge that Mrs. Bailey introduced the class to our new student, "Erica."

Stupid 70's short haircuts. I shake my fist at you! We really could have been something, Erica. Sniff.

Blah blah,

WWD: Glamourai Samourai

You may recall this dress that I have been drooling over that was custom made for The Glamourai by Josie Natori. She even auctioned it off for charity, but alas, I don't have that much bank to spend on a dress. Thus began my search for a dress similar in silhouette that was easier on the wallet.

Lucky for me, I came across this little number from etsy seller JolieJuliette:

Same kimono sleeves (which I'm just realizing are going to be a BITCH today as I'm going through the buffet line at our lunch meeting), same deep vee, in general the same shape. The only thing missing are the cutout shoulders, which I had initially thought I would take to a tailor to see if they could recreate, but once I got the dress, as it's in a jersey material with no seams, I decided to leave it as is, and who knows, maybe another more silky option will present itself in the future. Not that I'm shopping anymore. I'm not.
I've tried it with two shoe options - my Krazy Glue shoes from yesterday, or my new OTK boots. I REEEEALLLLY love the OTKs but am hesitating today only because it's supposed to be about 80 degrees. Am I going to sweat to death? I won't know which I'm wearing til I walk out the door. I feel VERY kickass in the OTKs, that's fo sho. Like I could take on anyone.
Maybe it's because I had to go home at lunch yesterday to take out my contacts and wear my glasses (the ragweed count is way up lately, and it feels like there are grains of sand in my eyes) but it made me recall something that happened on a family vacay one year when I was about 13.
I HATE wearing my glasses, not only because I can't see as well with them as I do with contacts, but I just feel so self-conscious and nerdy. This probably stems from having started wearing them in fifth grade, when I was being called things like "ski-slope" because of my nose, and then to add "four-eyes" into the mix, well, it doesn't do much for the self-esteem of a 10 year old. Ever since, I just hate to wear them.
Fast forward to family vacation a few years later. We were taking the family truckster across the country - I think we were driving to Denver, so there was a lot of arguing with my sister ("she touched me! get off of my side! mom - tell her to STOP LOOKING AT ME!") - very mature stuff. There was also a lot of sleeping, because well, what do you do on a 10 hour car-trip between rest stops? You sleep. Soooo there I was, sleeping, when dad pulled into a gas station to fill er up. I sat up and looked out the window to the car of teenagers next to us. Not only did they bust into HYSTERICAL laughter, they POINTED and laughed. I looked in the rearview mirror to see my hair sticking every which way, glasses crooked, and sleep lines on my face. I laid back down in the seat, cowering there with my face burning red until we pulled out.

Needless to say, had I been wearing then my Glamourai Samourai costume of today, I could've TOTALLY taken them. Just out of curiosity - which shoe options are your faves? And even MORE curiouser - what is YOUR humiliating story of adolescence? Share. This is a safe place.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

WWD: Something Strange Is Afoot At the Circle K*

The person who can name that quote will win a BRAND NEW CHRYSLER CORDOVAAAAAH! So I'm feeling very Out Of Africa in an S&M club today, in my new old thrifted Ann Taylor Loft dress. Yep, just read in the paper yesterday that a local Goodwill revamped and reopened this weekend, so I stopped by on my lunch hour yesterday and picked up this dress, another dress, and a Led Zeppelin tee. ROCK OUT WITH YOUR C@#K OUT! But what the hell does any of this have to do with your foot, Shannan? You're probably asking yourselves.

Well, I'll tell you. A week or so ago, I was putting some stuff up on my mantle and there were some teeeny tiny pieces of mercury glass that had broken off of some weird mercury glass ball thingies that I have, and one fell on the floor and I stepped on it. It has been in my foot since then, and LORD HAVE MERCY it has been killing me. Okay, maybe not really KILLING me, but it is very annoying.

I'm the first to admit I have tough feet. Like, when I get a pedicure, well, those ladies earn their money for the day. When they use the pumice, the room is thick with white clouds of feet dust. I marvel at people who have baby soft feet, as if they've never walked a day in their life without shoes, but then, I don't wear shoes unless I absolutely have to. I mean, when I'm in the house, I see no good reason why I should wear shoes. I'm getting off track here. Let's get back to me. Oh, wait - we WERE talking about me. Let's get back to my pain and suffering.

So I have been squeezing at this spot on the bottom of my foot (which happens to be on the ball of my foot, just where I'm putting all of my weight), trying to dig at it with tweezers, putting hydrogen peroxide on it to fizz it out, all to no avail. I have read some WACKY stuff about drawing out splinters, such as putting a slab of bacon on it (that is just a waste of perfectly good bacon if you ask me), putting a honey poultice on it, soaking a piece of bread in milk and putting that on it - surrsly - these are all real things that people have tried.

In the end, last night I just soaked it in warm water for 20 minutes or so, slapped a Dora band-aid on it, and I swear this morning it is healed. Or HEELED, if you will. BWAH. Ahhhh the magical healing powers of Dora The Explorer, Patron Saint of The Calloused Foot.
Wow - that was a long, boring story all about my foot. I am sorry Ames - I know how much you DETEST feet. Especially when they're MOIST (not only does Amy hate feet, she hates the word MOIST).
Let's just get to the deets, shall we? Shoes - el cheapos from ZooShoo that my sis got me, and they fell apart after I wore them twice. Still, I am a resourceful girl, and pulled out the Krazy Glue last night and went to work on them. We'll see how long they last today. I hope they do, cuz I am really liking them with this outfit. Never fear, howevs, I have a pair of backup shoesies to take to work just in case. Leopard print, IF YOU MUST KNOW.
Belt - Target (a few seasons ago - SORRY Olivia....); Necklace - vintage; Brathelet - F21; Rings - I have no ideer

So what wacky remedies have YOU tried that actually work? I need some to add to my arsenal. On a related note, what words do YOU detest? Me? Smegma. Blech. If you want to read something funny about words people hate, go here. You will laugh - I guarantee it.
*Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Monday, September 27, 2010

WWD: Layered

I'm sitting here eating my new favorite breakfast (maple and brown sugar oatmeal with mascarpone cheese - um, YUM) and reflecting on life with a smile. I know, I know, it's Monday morning, you say, but this weekend I had a quiet moment to myself while the babies were all in bed, The Hubs was on his weekly jaunt to Home Depot, and it just struck me how blessed I am. I have a beautiful family, great friends, and a home that we love. I feel like the counselor I have been seeing is really helping - making me more aware of things, helping me to remain present in the moment. I know life can change on a dime and kick you in the crotch, but for now, I thought I'd list some of the things I'm thankful for.

1. My family: This weekend I got to spend a lot of time with my girl Scarlett by ourselves, and it was precious. I painted our toenails and fingernails, we colored on the floor together, she hung out with me while I prepared dinner, we got to snuggle, and I heard her COUNT TO NINE all by herself for the first time. I had no idea she could. I know. I've already contacted Mensa. She was very much a mommy's girl this weekend, which is a change because all the kids always want daddy daddy DADDY! Two times during the weekend I raised my voice to her: once because at dinner she was kicking her chair back and tipped it over - (thank God Tom was right next to her and caught it), and it scared me when it happened, so I said something like, "Scarlett! Be careful! Stop kicking that chair back from the table!" and when I did, her bottom lip stuck out and quivered, and her eyes filled immediately with tears, and it broke my heart. Then later, she was pulling on my earring too hard and pulled it out, and I said, "Scarlett - don't pull mommy's earring out!" and the same thing happened again. Both times she let me hold her and soothe her and apologize to her, and I felt terrible. But the thing is - she let me, and she forgave me immediately, and as adults, that is an extremely valuable lesson - especially for me, who tends to hold grudges when I get angry with someone who has hurt me. To forgive without hesitation.

2. Date night! Yep, mom and dad offered to watch the kids and The Hubs and I ACTUALLY WENT TO A MOVIE - The Town. Uhhhh, homina homina Jon Hamm. And I have to say it, homina homina Ben Affleck, who is not my favorite actor, but when he has a great role, he kicks ass.

3. Oatmeal with mascarpone cheese, and peanut butter m&ms, and pumpkin lasagna.

4. New stroller that is actually EASY TO PUSH. Of course, it's only a double stroller, so we have to take two, but still. Ten dollah to make you hollah at a garage sale.

5. The first cup of coffee in the morning, and the second, and sometimes the third. I love that bloom when you first add half and half to it.

6. New old boots, Seychelles, thrift store. Awwww, yeahhhhh, baby!

7. Thinking of unexpected ways to combine clothing that I already have. It struck me this weekend that this F21 skirt would look cool with the Tucker for Target dress, and I wanted to add in another pattern (I'm crazy like dat) so I added this silver striped blouse also from F21, threw on a belt (just cinch it!) and my new (old) boots. Voila!

8. Cooler temps - YAY FALL!!!!

9. The scale. I seem to be making baby steps in the right direction. Don't know how, in light of number three above, but my weigh in day is each Monday, and it's down from last week. Yay!
EDIT: I may add to this periodically through the day if I think of anything else, like this:
10. Unexpected Laughter: The Hubs and I decided this weekend that living with 2 year old triplets is something akin to living with the paparazzi. If we need to run into our bedroom to grab something, we do it quickly and lock the door behind us (we keep ALL doors in the house locked at all times - it just cuts down on things like, oh, say - someone climbing into the sink and turning on the water so that it rains down into the kitchen below - true story). Anyhoozle - The Trips are very offended if we don't take them into the bedroom with us, and they are screeching behind us, and pulling at us in a little cluster of adorable madness, all "Lilo! Look over here! Smile Angelina! Awww, come ON, Britney - give us a smile!", and so we are literally holding them back to back ourselves into the bedroom, saying, "Mommy will be RIGHT BACK. I'll be RIGHT BACK..." and shutting the door and locking it quickly behind us, and it's like...ahhhh...silence from the paps for just a moment...
Okay, enough of me - what are YOU thankful for today?

Flow and Low, That Is The Tempo

Oh Etro, you had me at deep 70s vee and kimono sleeves. I don't know why I have never really been cognizant of Etro until I saw Cate Blanchett in this dress recently:

but after that, it was all over for me. I would take home every single one of these pieces, a mishmash of their collections from Fall 2009 through Spring 2011. I don't know why I haven't seen more of them on the red carpet, but Hollywood, STEP IT UP.

Okay, I realize this piece isn't a red carpet look, but that open-shouldered blouse and print shorts are like a big stick of buttah.

Oh my hells' bells - opera coat? Will you go out with me? Yes ___ No ___ Maybe ___

Again with the open shoulders and dreamy prints? You're KILLING me.

Their jackets amaze me.
I think you all know how I feel about mixing patterns, and this is no exception. Perfection.

GAH! Military jacket and swoony pattern on bottom? Yes, please.
Hey gold skirt, I have a broken leg and need help loading this heavy box into the back of my van. Can you help me?

Even plain white separates look exotic.

I could do with a little less nip here, but other than that? Mama likey.

Long jacket + printed shorts + gauzy blouse x Shannan = well, I don't know, because I suck at math, but it works for me.
It's like a hippie met a square dancer and had a baby.

Shut your mouth, patterned deep vee dress.

That goes double for you, short patterned off-the-shoulder beyotch.

I swear to the hebbins, I think a deep 70s vee and necklace hanging just so on a flatter-bewbed chest is one of the sexiest looks ever. EVER.

Kimonoy opera jacket? Get in my belly, cuz I just want to eat you up.

Friday, September 24, 2010

KNOCK IT OFF! Burberry

Oooooh, I think KNOCK IT OFF might have to become a new feature here at MBB...

One of the looks I am most digging for fall is the military-inspired theme. I was playing around the other day with my new OTK boots and an older jacket I got from Vicky's Secret several years ago, to recreate the following look from the Burberry Fall 2010 show. I will actually wear it with either regular black leggings or my black "liquid" leggings, but I'm pretty happy with it. Whaddaya fink?

Jacket: Victoria's Secret; Wide faux leatha belt: Target; OTK Boots: Sears; Grey skinnies: Marshall's