Tuesday, August 31, 2010

WWD: Ikat

Help. I'm tired and Ikat wake-up.

But, I still snuck in the sunroom and tried not to wake Mr. Man while taking these this morning so you could at least see the satin pants and drapey drape this time. AND, how the pants kinda look like they are hiding a diaper underneath. Cute.
Nice job not shutting the accessory closet door, Me.

(See Dawn, I TOLD you that you'd see this again. I added another necklace so you'd hardly recognize it.)
Cardigan: The Maxx

Ikat Tunic Shirt: H&M

Pants: H&M

Shoes: Target

Necklaces: One thrift, one not

Vintage Jaguar Belt: Thrift

I just realized how inexpensive this outfit is. Love that.


Amy Bo Bamy,
Is that the Ikat shirt like the stripey shirt you got me at H&M and you said you would go back and see if they had anymo Ikat shirts toooooo? Wellllll doooooo they?????? Geez - I am a spoiled little b!tch sometimes, aren't I?

You are cute, and props for your use of "I'm tired and Ikat wake up." Your brathlet JUST matches your shirt (in case you din't already know dat).

Hey - WAIT A MINUTE - WHEN DID YOU GET A VINTAGE JAGUAR BELT? And more importante, do you pronounce it jag-uuuu-waaaaar?

WWD: Where Did All the Bewbies Go......

Wearing an old Laundry kimono style dress and pondering, "Are my bewbs still there? They seem a little....lower somehow...that can't be....I even wore my mamma-jamma push-up brawr today..."

Maybe if I juuuust push them together like this...

Maybe I can tie my obi belt tight enough to push them back into place....

SUCCESS!!! The teeeeniest, tiniest bit of cleavage. See? There, on the right! I swear, it is not bronzer artfully applied...

Wait a minute, what the hell is going on with my NECK??????

Annnnd SCENE! This dramatic interpretation of my bewbies brought to you by Laundry by Shelli Segal, some dope spear urrings courtesy of Design Spark, which I won in a contest on The Decorista (thanks for the opportunity Ashlina and Design Spark - you both ROCK). Stay tuned tomorrie to see the inthane necklathe and ginormous ring I won too (I KNOW you're on pins and needles....)
P to the S - if you haven't already checked out Design Spark, what da HAIL are you waiting for? Uhhhh, helloooo adorable stuff that is TRES reasonably priced!
Muy apologies for getting that STUPID Paula Cole song stuck in your head.
When are you sending me that dress since I already have that necklace to go with? Thanks.
Blah blah,

Tucker for Target

FINALLY I found more images of the Tucker for Target line which sold out in like, 2.2 seconds when it debuted on Gilt Groupe a week or so ago. Jerks. I'm not gonna lie - I was underwhelmed by some of it, but the items below are my favey crocketts.

Why HELLOOOOO adorable navy blue diamond pattern blousey sleeved dress, which I saw described somewhere on the interwebs as "something my 8th grade art teacher would wear in the 80s..." Well, butter my biscuit and call me Mr. Fitterling, because I love this like a fat kid loves cake.

Butterfly blouse? You will be mine. Oh yes, you WILL be mine.

That goes double for you, butterfly cami.



Monday, August 30, 2010

Emmy's Times Three?

Dear Amy,

We have not discussed the following:

Kristen Wiig's Emmy frock. I like it. I like it a lot. Have no idea who the designer is, but you know who it reminds me of? Well, I'll tell you - it reminds me of the girl who won The Fashion Show - the sad Project Runway wannabe show with Isaac Mizrahi and whatsherface from Destiny's Child. This is all beside the point, howevs.

I like it. THAT'S my point. Et vous?


Emmy's Part Deux

But, wait, there's more....
Ames: My fave of the night has got to go to Kelly.

For as much as I love the dress itself, I think I may love even more the fact that girl has really come a long way. Girl looks GOOD. I love a good "come back from the ruins" story. LiLo...I'm looking at youuuuuuuuu.
Shan: Girlfriend is gorgelicious. DEFFO in my top three.

Ames: Ms. Moss looks a bit washed out but I still have to give it to her for this drapey, elegant goodness. She was floating.

Shan: This is a lurvly dress, but I HATE dresses that are the exact same color as the wearer's skin with the firey passion of a thousand burning suns (I'm looking at YOU, Nicole Kidman...)

Ames: Heidi..this look is so AUF, dear. You are gorgeous. There is no denying that. There is also no denying the necklace is too much for that dress or the fact that I can almost see where your Seal keeps his balls.

Shan: Perhaps TLo said it best - mutton dressed as lamb. Lengthen the skirt to the knees, and I'd love it. I wouldn't even mind it wiv the necklace. Tee heeee. You said balls....

Ames: I have to include her because she is hilarious. She's one of my "we'd so be friends in real life" celebs. Plus, I love a good Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder moment.

Shan: I concur about the hilariousness of Lauren Mz. Graham if you're nasty. I cannot fully get on board with the dress. I WANT to like it, I really do. I have been trying to force it, but maybe it's the big white panel that's throwing me off. Still, Lauren, I LOVE you in Parenthood, and like Ames said - I'm pretty sure we would be BFF if we met.

Ames: Probably the best I've see Tina and let's face it. She is just about the coolest chick on the planet. She is brilliant.
Shan: Thank GOD she came back with this dress. It looks smokin' on her, even if the pattern does bear an eerie resemblance to crop circles.

Ames: Yep, see earlier Part One: Still bummed MCH didn't win. Dare I say she might just win for Best Dressed though? There was a lot. I mean a LOT of one shoulder on the carpet last night but this is a glittery slate of all things good. I die.

Shan: I have GOT to remember to invite them over to dinner so I can steal Michael C. Hall away from Jennifer Carpenter. I'm pretty sure I could. I have to say, as tomboy as her character is on Dexter, girlfriend ALWAYS knocks it outta the park on the red carpet, and this is no exception. Loves loves loves.

Ames: Lo and Bohold, what the hail do we have here? The hair, the fit, the dress, the shoes, the fact that she was even there. 31 flavors and then some of wrong.

Shan: SOMEONE got lost in their time machine from 1963 on their way home from the Secretarys' Weekly Night Out.

Ames: I don't know who you are but you turned this mutha out.

Shan: I could not have said it better myself.

Ames and Shaaaaaaannnn

Emmy's Schmemmys Part One

Best. Opening. EVER.

I cannot believe I have NEVER watched Glee. Rest assured it is on my list to rent. Ohhhh how my inner choir/band geek LOVED this routine. Okay, let's get to it.
The Award for Shannan's Favorite Dress goes tooooo...
Rose Byrne

I could do wivout the Bride of Frankenstein hurrdo, but for the love of Wilma from Buck Rogers and the 25th Century, this dress was fabulina. In fact, it is something that Wilma might have worn.

Ames: Yes, she is in my Fab Five as well. Shocking. The fit on that is as insane as her hair. But one is good crazy and one is bad. I'm already not making sense. Strap in.

And the award for Celebrity Who Most Randomly Reminds Me Of My Sister goes to:
Claire Danes

In looking back through these dresses again, this dress may be in a tie with The Wilma above for my favooooorite look of the night. Dreamy sparkleriffic column dress ith thooooo thwooooony.

Ames: She really did look dreamy and effortless. Golf claps.

Thpeaking of thwoooooony, the coveted Homina Homina Award goes to:
Jon Hamm.

Ames: Oh, Don, you cad you. Wear that tux.


The award for the Project Runway Challenge to Craft a Dress Using Drink Umbrellas and Plastic Cups From a Party Store goes tooooooo:
January Jones!

Oh honey, no.

Ames: Girl was a mess. From her head to the bottom of her scales. From the Madonna cone bra to the, well, to all of it. I like none of it. None like.

Now, the award for the Statement Necklace That Would Look Better With a Slouchy Tee:
Padma Lakshmi

I really dig Padma, and I actually love that necklathe, but not with this dress. Sorreeeeee. The truth hurts. I am, however, SO glad that Top Chef won best reality show, and thought it was pretty cute the way they all looked SO surprised when they took it from The Amazing Race - THANK GOD - does anyone even watch that frigging show????? How in the hell has it won all these years???!!!! P.S. Tom Colicchio? U R A fox. Call me....
Ames: I concur on all accounts. I'm just sad that the Voltaggio brothers weren't there to accept the award on behalf of my eyes.

The award for One of the Cutest Long-Term Couples in H-wood goes to:

"Kev" Bacon (the Baconater) Kyra Sedgwick

Both adorbs, and this woman is 45? Come ON.
Ames: See above. Does anyone watch her show? I thought not. Howevs, love them and she is always one I wait to see on the red carpet.

And now the award for WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING HERE???!!!@#$!#$!@#$

to Kate Gosselin

Nuff said.
Ames: Shannan, SHE HAS TO MAKE MONEY FOR HER KIDS. Everything she does she does for them. Which, I think she stole from Bryan Adams but still. Seriously, though. She will never go away. I'd still rather see her than Jon though.
The award for the I Think I Might Like this But I Need to See it From Another Angle Goes To:
Julie Benz

Like Rachel Zoe, I loves me a white moment on the red carpet, but I am withholding judgement on this number until I see a few more shots of it...
Ames: I was totes counting all the "white moments" on the carpet last night. This was a good one. I still can't believe she is gone. Speaking of...Michael C. Hall should have won.

The award for Cutest Dress That Completely Blends Into the Red Carpet goes to:
Jenna Fischer

Jenna looks TOTALLY adorable here - her hair is perfection, and I really do love this dress, but when I saw the thumbnail it was like she was the Cheshire Cat all up in da Emmy's - it was just a floating head with gorgeous hair

The Well, This Is Unfortunate award goes to:
Naya Rivera

Welcome to Crotchville - where we like our Wild Turkey straight up, and fashion bump-its out of used tires.

Ames: An unbelievably tragic use of that glorious color. Her hair was even trying to distance itself from it.

Masterpiece Theater Monday

Brandon Flowers. Genius. Hot. You're welcome.

Stay tuned for Emmy's recaps coming later this a.m.


Friday, August 27, 2010

WWD: Proportions

My OTHA favorite shirt for fall - a sheer, dolman sleeve-ish tunicky shorter in the front, longer in the back (mullet of the shirt world?) shirt.

Love the proportions of the loosey goosey shirt with these skinny green distressed numbers (7 dollah to make you hollah from T.J. Maxx - don't hate the playa, hate the game)....


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fab Friday

This. Is. Fabulous.
The end.

Merci and Happy Friday!

Designing Women: Christina from Second Skin

Meet Christina of Second Skin. Not only is she gorgemous, creative, lover of all things vintage, etsy owner, possibly the nicest person on the interwebs, she's got mad style, and is just an all around cool chick. Recently she was gracious enough to do a lil interview with me for our Designing Women series. Ch-ch-check it owwwwt...

Did I mention she has uh-mazing bananas hurr, and frigging CUTS IT HERSELF? True story.

And a fantastic collection of vintage/thrifted bags, hats and boots? I would fight a b!tch for that bag.

And gorgeous scenery? Girlfriend has mad photograhpy skillz.

Aaaaiiight - let's get to it.

Shannan: I really love how you write about vintage and thrifted clothing, particularly when you talk about passing something on while you still love it (Amy - I believe you have several pieces that you still love that would have a wonderful home in my closet....). No, seriously, it's like you are the keeper of these articles of clothing, and the memories they posess. Do you find pieces that you just cannot pass on because you love them so much, or should I say how often do you find pieces that you cannot pass on. I think it would be extremely difficult for me, because when I see something that I truly love, it's an immediate gut reaction, so since you are finding pieces many times for your etsy store, do you have those pieces that you know you can pass on and those that you know you can't?
Christina: You know, whenever I say something like "its best to give something away while you still love it, so the love passes to the next person as well," (quote from Victorina) I am usually saying it to remind myself of this fact. It is very hard sometimes to let go of things. It feels very unhealthy for me to hold on too tight to things though. I feel like anything you feel like you CANNOT live without, will eventually be stripped from you to teach you that the contrary is true. In the end they are just things. Once I let go, I find that more comes to me anyway. It actually can be perceived as a selfish cycle since I know letting go only turns the wheel in my favor. There are things I find that I decide will be mine for longer than other things. I feel pretty satisfied if I get to wear something one time really well though. Except for my boots. Those are mine. They will be stripped from me eventually and fall apart. I will love them till the bitter end though. I know there will be life after they are gone, but in this case, it has been better to have loved and lost than to have never worn them at all.

Shan: When you're hunting thrift stores, do you have a process that you go through to find pieces that you love? Do you search only for certain items, or just anything that catches your eye? Are there pieces that sell better than others?
Christina: I have trained myself to buy carefully at the shops. My buying motto has mostly been: If I won't wear it, most people won't so don't waste your time. I make exceptions though if the item is particularly trendy. I still take risks. They are cheep risks though. My shopping process is pretty much unchanged from the beginning of my thrifting times: Start at boots and shoes, then go to dresses, then sweaters, shirts, skirts, pants, coats, blankets, and everything else. Look at EVERYTHING. Touch everything. and do it quickly. Split second decisions happen in the gut, not the head. A whole Savers should take less than an hour. I don't try anything on. And if something makes me hesitate, I buy it anyway. As long as there are not stains on it. or holes, or missing buttons.

Shan: One thing I have been searching for lately is a big comfy Navajo print sweater, or just a chunky knit in general. However, it seems like a lot of times the sweaters are in poor condition compared to say, dresses or blouses (i.e., there is a lot of pilling, stretching, holes, etc.). How do you care for them if you find something you feel has potential? I just think sweaters can be kind of sketchy since they tend to hold odors more than a silk or rayon blouse....
Christina: I found a few of those last season and they were in great shape. I just don't buy things generally that require maintenance beyond dry cleaning. If I really love something and it has maybe a hole in the knit or is missing a button, I just won't sell it and I will only buy it if it will be for me only. I hate describing flaws in my listings. I used to buy too much stuff that had "potential" but now I know that it will potentially just sit on the hanger and not get listed, wasting space.

Shan: Do you have an absolute favorite item that you have found while thrifting, or (like me) does that item constantly change? What is your all time best find?
Christina: My all time best find happens every time I go shopping. I always find at least one thing that makes the entire trip worth while. I tell myself "I would pay the entire amount I just paid for this whole bag, for this one thing I got." Oh, I guess the ultimate was either my brown heeled knee high boots or my large woven basket with leather trim purse I show sometimes. But ya, I am constantly feeling like I hit a jackpot. Man this is making me want to go shopping. Does anyone else get the sudden urge to poop when they walk into a thrift store? Like the excitement is too much for the system? Maybe I am alone here. . . poop.
Shan: Christina, you are not alone with the poop thing. My sister has to poop every time she goes into the library.*
Shan: What I love about your use of vintage/thrifted stuff is something I mentioned in a comment on another blog - that you look completely effortless, uncontrived, funky fresh, and modern all at the same time. How do you advise someone to mix thrift and new clothing? What percentage do you think you wear of thrift versus new? I have to tell you since I started reading your blog, I feel this urge to go thrifting A LOT, and thinking about that rather than going to buy new is a pretty big thing for me. It has become pretty addictive!
Christina: I don't think I can give advice! There is no formula. Things just beg to be together. I feel like I am a matchmaker in my closet and all my clothes are horny teenagers waiting for a crack at each other. Some couple up more frequently and just pop when they are together but most of them like to be a little more promiscuous and sample the buffet. When I am wearing a good combo it feels very energizing to me. Like the teenage clothes are having creativity babies or something. I don't know how else to explain it but it gets addicting, making new combos. I guess, just think of it that way when you are mixing things. Remember that everything wants to be loved and paid attention to once in a while. I think thrifted stuff maybe is a bit more horny or something, having been around longer and knowing the "ways of the wardrobe" so I probably wear that more since it really excites and schools my newer, more inhibited things. So, like percentage? Maybe 85% vintage/ thirfted, and 15% new. Hope this has not been too revealing. All this stuff that goes on in my closet and what not.

Shan: To me, your writing is as fantastic (or maybe even better) than your photography and dope wardrobe. Have you done a lot of writing in your life? For me, it really is the writing that truly makes your blog amazing.
Christina: I didn't major in English or writing, or journalism, or what ever that major would be (and I have horrible spelling skills and don't remember many of the rules of grammar,) but got my Art degree instead, and I wrote a lot of papers back then, about artists and other things I was passionate about. One time I wrote a research paper that was like a fantasy gallery exhibition plan using any artist from any era. I wrote curators notes and reasons for why I chose each artist and the specific pieces from each, how the work would be displayed in the gallery, and the overall tone. The requirements for the paper were not that elaborate, I was just very interested in that fantasy space and took advantage of the opportunity to share that fantasy with others. I think that is just how my blog has been for me, a way to talk about what I feel passionate about. Blogging is a double edged pleasure sword (oh that sounds bad) with both thought sharing and visual creative expression. It's like art school all over again. and I LOVED school. I hope that people enjoy the space for either the outfits OR the writing, but in an ideal situation, they would enjoy both. Though it doesn't really matter either way since it is really MY fantasy space where I choose the content and the aesthetic. I love my blog. It does feel really nice to be able to share it with others though.

My professor always told me that creating the work was only half of the equation, having it shown, letting it be seen, providing it an audience, was the other half, and what makes it a true work of art. This doesn't mean the work is good! It just means that the cycle is completed once the work has been seen and is able to be evaluated and digested by the viewer. This is what blogging does for me. completes my creative cycle.
Shan: Christina - thank you again for taking time to chat with me. You are truly an inspiration!
*Sorry Jen - it's the truth...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Random Inspiration

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