Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You May Already Be A Winner!

I can't help but noticing we are up to 86 followers, and I have decided to do a lil giveaway once we hit 100. Tell your friends! Tell your neighbors! If you're a reader and haven't signed up as a follower, DOOOOOO IIIIIT. Come ON. EVERYONE is doing it - you're the only one who hasn't.

I have decided to give away a lil grab bag o goodies of some of Ames' and my favorite things (don't worry, I PROMISE there won't be any whiskers on kittens in this one...) When we hit 100 followers, we will announce the contest.

Stay tuned.....


Women's Wear Daily: Ode to Toto

The group, not the dog. Still feeling the love from the postie toastie below, and the song Aaaaaafricaaaaahhhhh....Thought I'd go CRAZY and mix a zebra with an ikat with some studs and a scarab. I think I just blew my own mind.

Skinnies, giftie from my sis in Germany; Tee, Target; Vest, Limited; Scarf, giftie from my sis, I think it's from H&M; Shoes, Target (do I ever NOT wear these, you must be asking? I'm asking too - Mama needs a new pair of shoes)

Necklace, garage sale; silver cuff, F21

Wooden brathelet, Old Naaaaavyyyyy


Choir Geek Says WHAT?

Thing 1: I was a total choir geek and I loved it.
Thing 2: I have never seen Glee. I know, I know - it's like sacrelige or something. Don't worry, Gleeks - I fully intend to rent the entire season and watch it at once. Can't wait, in fact.

Thing 3: I love Toto (the group, not the dog), and their song Africa. It. Frigging. Rocks. Not quite as hard as You Know I Won't Hold You Back, but then it is not a power ballad. A friend of mine recently introduced me to Perpetuum Jazzile, a show choir who performs Africa in an amazing way. As Chris Farley (God rest his soul) said in Tommy Boy, I've seen a lot of things in my life, but that. is. AWESOME. Seriously - it gave me chills.

Feast your eyeballs and earholes:


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Women's Wear Daily: KimonWHOA

I know, I know - baaaad title. Ahhhh, look at my smiling face, back in the days of yore before I got to work and the sh!t hit the fan. Those were happier times, simpler times.

Vintage kimono: Vintage Vogue (local boutique); Kenar slip dress: Marshalls or The Maxx, don't remember; Steve Madden shoes: The Maxx.

Still smiling. I don't EVEN know what's in store for me yet. Ignorance is bliss....

Necklace: F21; Wide black leatha obi style belt: Target

Deets of the back of said kimonoooooo
And now, I'm going to go drink, because in the wise, wise words of Alan Jackson, it's 5 o'clock somewhere. Shhhh....don't tell anyone....

Blah Blah,

Who Me, A Pusher?

Okay, maybe I am. Maybe I'm an enabler, or maybe I've just been watching too much Intervention, but when Kassandra from Luxe For Less contacted me to see if I would be interested in doing a lil feature on her new online boutique, I was game. If that makes me an enabler, so be it. Seriously though, with prices that start at $15 for jewreys, and $30 for clothing, you can't go wrong. Ch-ch-check out some of my faves.

Green beaded bracelet - you are peacockulous. That, my friend, is a compliment of the highest order.

Cream beaded bracelet, I supah dupah giant puffy heart you too.

Floral maxi - easy peasy, breezy and wheezy. Well, it could be if you suffer from hay fever.

Ruffled crop - you are a cutie patootie.

Have fun shopping, ya'll!


Monday, June 28, 2010

She's Just GIVING It Away

...and by "she" I mean Senorita Fashionista - my fellow hometown blogger, and by "giving," I mean...well...GIVING, and by "it," I mean fiddy pounds to Daniel Footwear, but you can read it you damn selves. Go here and see for yourselves!!!


Masterpiece Theater Monday

I had a brainstorm whilst brushing my teeth this morning. I present to you Masterpiece Theater Monday.

Enjoy this scene from one of the BEST movies from the 70s. The chemistry and heat in it are SIZZLIN.


Women's Wear Daily

It's black and white and Monday - blaaaaah. And this Stoneyfield Greek yogurt SUCKS. Give me Fage or give me death. Okay, not really - just give me my Fage back.

Black tunic, Inc., Macy's

Vintage squash blossom necklathe, my boyfriend eBay. Shannan + eBay = Luv 4EVA.

3-knuckle ring, Urban Outfitters; Cuff, F21

Ethnic DeLuxe

I don't know what to call this look, but I love it. Call it ethnic luxe, boho chic, tribal thrift, 70s redux, but whatever it is, it is really inspiring me lately. The past several years I have been into clean and sleek, but lately it is all ikat, layers and layers of accessories, caftans, kimonos, 70s glam with a modern spin, think the world's coolest head shop, if it sold clothing and jewelry along with water bongs and hookah's. Think India, Afria, Asia, with a bit of New Orleans bayou thrown in for good gris gris.

The Queen of Amazing Accessorizing: Iris Apfel. In the words of Wayne and Garth: "We're not worthy! We're not worthy!!!"

Sigh. We've been over this before: Vintage. Sequin. Tiger Striped. Kimono. Which one of those things ISN'T fabulous? From Sea of Shoes.

All of the above: The Glamourai
Clearly SOMEONE needs to clean out their closet (I'm lookin at you, Little Blue Deer) and send me caftany kimono thing TOOT SWEET.

Guh - love the Asian delicacy that she is wearing, and those rings need to get OVER themselves. From Hippie Couture.

Look, I know I just posted a similar pic of Carey from Corks and Caftans a few posts back, but A) this is my blog so STEP OFF, 2) she is my new secret internet girlfriend, so I will keep posting photos of her randomly and c) I LOVE THOSE PANTS. I also love the ones above them from Gorgeous Glam. But I love Carey's more. Carey - don't be afeared - I assure you, my stalking is completely harmless. Call me.....

Well lookie here - it's Carey again. Okay, is this getting weird now, because even I think it is.

Anna Dello Russo - this sh!t ain't right.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Women's Wear Daily: Whaaaaat? On FRIDAY?!!!

My typical Thursday or Friday ensemble consists of various shorts and tees, since I'm working from home with The Trips. Howevah, last night I had to work an event that was hosted for the former Mayor, so I got to bust out this dress from Anthropologie which, by the way, I scored for $10.77. Uh huh. It was one of those times where you think you're paying more for it, and they ring it up, and I was all, "Uh, I think she rang it incorrectly, but hells if I'm going to bring it to her attention!" and she said, "Oh, someone must have missed this dress in the last markdown." Wheeeeeee!!!!!

Shoes are my old standby from Target, but I really think I need some new ones in my life; necklace was a gift; bracelets were from Old Navy.

Happy Friday, Yo!

The IT List


  • style your life whips up a fabulous ensemble in grey and white... I just love the fresh and modern feel of this outfit!
  • the pretty bee makes over her family room... she shows before and after shots (gotta love a "before and after!") that includes this sunny vignette.
  • where is the me in mommy? reminds us of five simple things to add to our to-do list that is sure to brighten our day... my fave: more time for reading to our kids!
  • do. think. wear. see. love. dream. takes on a safari wardrobe challenge and totally knocks it out of the ballpark, or more aptly the wildlife reserve.
  • a spot of whimsy reorganizes her bookshelves... and rainbow-itizes them! (much more pretty than alphabetizing them)
  • karina, ink reopens her shop and has a pretty awesome freebie for bloggers - you won't want to miss this!
  • one hundred inspirations gets us this french-chic Leighton Meester look for less than $100 (well actually, less than $82 to be exact!!)
  • good life for less takes us south of the border for some fun wardrobe inspiration that just screams summer!
  • sweetie pie pumpkin noodle is coveting sand & sea... um, yes me too! Especially this blinged out swimsuit!
  • merci blah blah gets disco fabulous and I couldn't love this belt/necklace combo more! Can you say "whoooo, whooo"?
Interested in finding out how you can be featured on the "it" list? Email goodlifeforless @!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

McLovin: This Free Bird, Corks and Caftans

Just wanted to share some pics from two of my new favey crocketts...Carrie from This Free Bird not only has fab-you-lous style and scrumptious recipes, she also just did a post on my favorite place in all the land - LAGUNA. Ch-ch-check it out heah...

Lurve the floraliciousness going on here.

Laguna - need I say more?

Carey at Corks and Caftans? Well, let's just say this: she has an amazing bananas wardrobe, AND she did a post dedicated to one of my top five all time favorite movies: Against All Odds. HOLLAAAAAA!!!!

I am not EVEN lying when I tell you I am stalking these tribal pajama pants until they are mine.

Mara Hoffman dress? I think I love you.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

When I Grow Up

I want to be this chic effortless effing COOL.

Saw this photo on All the Pretty Birds, and it completely reminded me of this gorgeous dancer, Karine Plantadit, in Twyla Tharp's show "Come Fly Away," who performed on So You Think You Can Dance the other night. Dammit if I can't find a video that I can embed, because it. was. amazing. Her body is SICK. She was the epitome of fabulous. Le Sigh.

Um, P.S. - girlfriend is 40. BOO-YAH.


Women's Wear Daily: Whachoo Talkin Bout, Willis?

I thought you said you cleaned that mirror everyday...

Blouse: Macy's; Jeans: Old Navy; Belt; Thrifted


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You're Welcome

This brief interlude brought to you courtesy of my burning loins.

The Management

Women's Wear Daily: Archaeologist

Feeling kind of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Shopoholics Anonymous today. Do I look like a dog who has just heard a very high pitched noise that humans can't hear in that first photo, or am I being paranoid? Also, I want you all to know that I have NEVER cleaned that damn mirror this much in my LIFE. I SWEAR, the things I do for people I've never met who hardly comment on my outfit posts so I'm not sure if they are well-received or if people just add it to the pile of "well, here's another dorky outfit post" post and keep on scrolling....

Cheese and rice, SOMEONE is feeling fragile today, aren't they?

Sans jacket - Speaking of, jacket, something like three bucks on clearance at Target; pants, Banana, via Ladieth Night clothing swap; shirt, maybe five bucks on clearance at Marshall's; shoes, Newport News

Urrings, World Market (my new favorite place to shop, btw...seriously - have you SEEN their jewreys? I could buy one of everything)

Necklathe, local boutique now out of biz; bracelets, either Old Navy or Newport News (they old)

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: The Glamourai (durrrr)

Do yourself a favor and check out my pretend internet girlfriend, The Glamourai's, excellent postie toastie on stylist Lori Goldstein. Prepare to die.

EXCUSE ME????? Are you effing kidding me, bracelet? What da HAIL? In the words of David Cassidy, while he was still with the Partridge Family, I think I love you. In the words of smart ass extraordinaire, My Favorite and My Best, that bracelet is just dumb.

That goes double for you, studded Fendi bag. You suck.

Life is so unfair. Not only is she totally adorable and chic and effortless and creative and funky, but she apparently just moved into a fancy schmancy new place that has The Piece Of Furniture I Most Covet - the Barcelona chair. Jerk. Call me.....

Seriously - do yourself a favor and check out the whole post (part 1 and 2) and then drown your envy in Mad Dog 20/20 (or is that just me)?