Friday, April 30, 2010

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Lacquered Walls

Excuse me while I lick these walls. Love. Them. What I REALLY love is that the rooms themselves aren't fussy or frou-frou - they're pretty classic and/or streamlined in their decor, but the walls are lick-me-fabulous.

These first two rooms are my favey crocketts - I mean - that mirror like sheen is buh-nanas to.die.for. Guh.

I am not Royal Blue's number one fan, but I lurv it here, espesh with that artwork, and those symmetrical sofas? I die. And the ikat pillows? I just peed a little.

Oooooooh and Aaaaaaahhhhh....this room is like fireworks. I think you all know how I feel about an art wall, and adding a lacquered yellow ceiling? It's like the Krispy Kreme donut on the fried chicken sandwich. Don't believe me? Well check it:

Why was I not surprised to see Paula Deen's name as one of those chefs who has created a donut sammich?

Champagne wishes and donut sammich dreams!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Vintage Jewreys

I know we have expounded on this fact before, but I am SO excited that I just won the following vintage squash blossom necklace on my boyfriend eBay:

I have been obsessed with them ever since seeing one at our Girlzzzz Wine Night that I am lucky enough to attend once a month with Mel, Gina, and some other fab ladieth. I'm pretty sure the girl in question, who was wearing her mother's vintage squash blossom necklace, thought I was scary stalker girl, because I could. not. stop. staring at it. I tried to hide my lust and envy, really I did, but DAYUM it was a badazz necklathe. Little did I know how effing expensive these babies are. For realz. If you are getting actual turquoise, you can expect to pay $700 or more. I was lucky enough to find a faux turquaaaaz vintage for $40. Yay me! Now maybe at the next ladieth night, my new BFF and I can both wear our necklathes, and I can get my hair cut and colored exactly like hers, and we can buy a cool apartment together in New York City, and throw puppies off of balconies, and....

oh wait - did I type that last part out loud? Nevermind.....


No puppies were harmed in the making of this post. Come ON people, I would NEVER do that. Kittens are another story altogether, howevs...

Ames - have a great time in Florida while you're doing great things with Operation Shower, and as I said yesterday, look cute (durrrr) and STAY AWAY FROM TIGER WOODS.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stuff We Would Punch In The Mouf: Feet

Disclaimer: I apologize in advance to those that like this look below. Statements on MBB are personal opinion and other legally sound mumbo jumbo and not meant to offend anyone.

I love the warmer weather. The sun. The flowers. The sandals. Not love? The reappearance of what I consider to be really unnecessary: French Pedicures. I don't know what it is, but something about the FP is just so wrong to me. It grosses me out. It's like finger toes. The world does NOT need finger toes.

Then again, maybe I just have serious feet/toe issues. Case in point: A little peek into stuff we do in private via this email discussion betwixt and between the two of us yesterday. (We really DO work.)


Dear Toenail,
Why are you still black? For realz - it has been about 2 months now. Either clear up or fall off.
The Management

P.S. I don't even know why you are black to begin wif. Could you clue me in? Thanks.

Amy: OH HAIL NAH, I will not have a toenail discussion with you. I will throw up.

Shannan: It's a good thing I'm here by myself, because I'm laughing out loud now. And looking at my toenail and scratching my head.

Amy: I will cold block your email if this keeps up.

Shannan: did you at least READ my original message so that you can empathize with me?

Amy: Yes. I’d be more sorry if we could STOP TALKING ABOUT TOENAILS.

Shannan: you are making me cry with laughter. fine. hmmmmpfh.

have you heard cat power? I came across her on some blog I found this weekend. her song the greatest is uh-mazing.

Amy: I hope your mascara runs and you look like @ss.

I know PBI has some b/c in the car one day I was all “who dis?” and he was all “it’s THIS not dis” and I was all “oh shut it ivy league” and he was all “I’m gonna run this car off the road if you and your big 12 whore mouth talk to me like that again” and wait….none of this happened becept that first part to which he replied “cat power” and I was all “I likey” and he was all….okay, I’m done.

Annnnnnnd scene.

The end. Have a lovely day. I plan to as I'm getting a mani/pedi tonight in preparation for Florida tomorrow. How people touch feet for a living I do not know. I'm just glad they do because mama is due for some non-finger toe sandal action here.



Women's Wear Daily: 2 Legit 2 Quit

STOP! Hammer pants!

Pants: Been there, done that; Jacket w/zippers on the sleebes: Ladieth night clothing swap; T: Target; Shoes: Target

I ask you, what could be more Klassy with a capital K than photographing oneself busting out some MC Hammer in front of the mirror? Oh wait, maybe this:

Countess LuAnn RAPPING ABOUT ETIQUETTE. If you're up for it, take a listen here, and thanks to SGM for her PRICELESS recaps of the Real Houswives of Wherever You Like.

And since we're talking about klass, I thought I'd share one MORE story witchooo. So yesterday, I was using the bafroom at work (see - a bathroom story - I TOLD you it was klassy), and our bathroom may well have the thinnest walls in the history of bathrooms and walls. Seriously. One can hear the lady whose office is on the other side of the wall at her desk quite clearly when one is in the toilette. So I'm sitting there and I rip one (as one does ONLY in the confines of the bafroom - BWAH), and I immediately hear someone SHUFFLING PAPER. Seriously. It was so loud and clear that I TURNED AROUND TO SEE IF THERE WAS A MOUSE BEHIND ME ON THE TOILET TANK - I kid you not. Then I went back to my desk and immediately e-mailed Amy, which made me start laughing uncontrollably at my desk, forcing me once again to the Bath Of the Thin Walls so I could laugh and cry in peace. With the lady on the other side of the wall.

Stay Klassy, San Diego.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Women's Wear Daily: Sick Day

Not me - my munchkin Gavie Doodle. Don't know if I'll have to leave early, so I took it upon myself to wear jeans to work. That's how I roll.

Sequin slouch blazer: Macy's; Converse boot cut jeans: Tar-jay; Burnout tank: F21;

Lucite earrings: Amy Bo Bamy; necklatheth: F21 and Arden B

Shoesies: Amy Bo Bamy
Belt: Hebbin only knows; Blurry photography: Yours truly (suck on THAT, Steven Meisel)


Stuff I Needs

I needs the following for spring:

Two-finger ring from Erica Anenberg, preferably something like the simple gold bar here, although word on the streets is that F21 has a really cool 2-finger cross ring for $5, and I wouldn't kick that out of bed. Of course, their website doesn't show it. Jerks.

Lurv these statement earrings from Rachel Roy. The double as a weapon.

Apparently I need an inordinate amount of gremlin jewreys, also from Rachel Roy. Really, just one of the above would do.

Metallic pantalones a la The Limited. 'Scuse me, but how cute would these be all gussied up wif heels (or heals, if you want to drive me to the brink of insanity), tee, bling, and lil spring jacket? SO cute, that's how.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Oreo, You are Dead To Me

Seriously. In the immortal words of Tom Petty, don't come around here no more. There is absolutely no reason on God's green earf why you need to taunt me with your perfectly round, perfectly chocolate and cream center goodness, so that I eat twelvity-five of you at each sitting. GO AWAY, OREO.

I am riding high from the conversation I had this weekend at the gym with a random girl who asked if I lifted weights, and when I said yes, she said, "I thought so, because your arms look great." As I told Amy, at that point I kissed her and then we made out in the back room amidst the stability balls (tee hee...balls....) and resistance bands.

So go away, Oreo. I don't need you in my life. I'm riding that compliment all the way to my goal weight.


Amy here:

To which I told Shan she was a trollop (okay I didn't use that word) because I would only make out with girls whilst inebriated. I mean HAD I KNOWN all I had to do was tell her she had nice arms...

That is all.

Almost. I think Shan's goal weight is the same goal my right thigh has. But that's cool because I'm not negative about it anymore, I just like to joke. THANKFULLY I'm still in my newfound self-love mode. Man life is better without ragging myself in the mirror all the time. If ya'll haven't, you should try it. Life is short. (This is starting to sound like Ferris Bueller.)


Girl Crush #87

I don't know why I ended up googling Helena Christensen on Friday night, but I felt it necessary to present the woman I would trade faces/bodies/hair/bank accounts with if given the opportunity for just one day:

For reals, she is pretty much perfection. I don't know who is prettier in the Wicked Game video, Helena or Chris Isaak. Enjoy it here:



Thursday, April 22, 2010

Random Inspiration

Well looky there - merci to you too!!!

Mrs. Lilien's sitting room - if you have not yet visited Mrs. Lilien - get thee hence and get ready to live. Faaaabulous.

I need a giant "S" in my life. The end.

Dynomite silver lame discoriffic chair.

Well, hello little cutie pie striped chair. Who is adorable? You are. From Simply Grove.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm Sorry, But

I love this show and I love me some Liam. That little man cracks me up.

Although, T&D edit room, meet me at camera three:

Last night you showed T in bed all sick with no makeup and one outfit telling the bride she was sorry she couldn't be there because she was sick and THEN you cut back to her in bed with Liam with makeup and a different outfit. Please edit your "reality" show more closely. I mean COME ON, at least try to make us think it's real.

Don't worry, I'll still watch.


Women's Wear Daily: I Love The Smell of Cuban Cigar In the Morning

I was originally going to title this post "Panama In Spring," but anytime I see the word Panama I automatically think of David Lee Roth (not that there's anything wrong with that - we all need a lil Diamond Dave now and then), but I thought I would evoke Apocalypse Now instead. I am totes not spell-checking apocalypse, so if it's misspelled, deal with it. Anyhoozle - sorry about the terrible quality of that first photo, but that's what you get when you're trying to snap pics on the sly before anyone wakes up.

This post is dedicated to Eugenia Kim, for the smashingly fab chapeau I picked up yesterday at Target. Meluvs.

Hat, Target; tank, Old Naaaaaaveeeeeee; white button down - swiped from The Hubs; seersucker pants - from Ladieth Night clothing swap - don't even know who contributed them, but THANK YOU (they're Limited); vest, Limited; shoes, Target

More Eugenia Kim goodness. Taste the rainbow.

Necklathe, Target, from back in the day (which was a Wednesday, by the way) P.S.S. - This post is also dedicated to Dane Cook.

More necklace madness.
You know what else is madness? This:

That video effing rocks, and Eddie Van Halen is STILL a fox.
It WAS a Wednesday. Ah, memories of when we looooved Dane before he jumped the shark. You look cuteness x 100. And, look at youuuuu wearing a hat to work and stuff!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Thought I'd share a few of my favorite photos from the kite festival that we took The Trips to last weekend.
Scarlett & Gavin

Mommy & Simon (poor little guy has TERRIBLE seasonal allergies - he loves to go outside, but comes back in sneezing, wheezing, and with runny nose and eyes)

Simon: Things that make you go "hmmmmmmmm...."


Annnnnd, it's time to go home...........


Monday, April 19, 2010

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Bits & Pieces

I super giant puffy heart this photo of Jane from Sea of Shoes. She looks gorge.

I'm sorry, but could her jewreys BE more wicked awesome?

Hi, adorable braided hair. I like you so much better than Tinsley Mortimer's braid next to her bangs, which drives me to the brink of insanity each week on High Society. Well, that, and the fact that everyone on the show becept Tinsley and her sister all seem to be horrible people, and I feel the need to shower after every episode, yet I cannot. stop. WATCHING.
And here's something else. Lauren Conrad has popped up here twice in the past week. I am liking her more each time I see her - she purty. Plus, I really like how she came from her humble roots in Laguna Beach and just, you know, pulled herself up by the bootstraps and MADE something of herself.
Cupcakes & Cashmere, why do you taunt me with your shoes?
This photo is perfection, from those glorious redbuds in bloom, to the lavender tint of everything, to the vintage car, the leopard print, the adorable anklets with her shoes. Sigh. It's dreamy. From Full House.


Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Alkemie Jewelry

Pull out the smelling salts and the Depends, because I just took the time to peruse Alkemie Jewelry's website and am simultaneously swooning and peeing my pants over almost everything. Created from 100% reclaimed materials, inspired by nature, and if you purchase them from the fab site econscious market, they automatically donate a percentage of the cost to the charity of your choice. My favorites are those creations inspired by the ocean blue, but in the end it's alllllll good.

Starfish Cuff O Wonder, how do I love thee....

Seahorse Necklace, you are so perfectly adorable I would like to eat you, but I won't.

Zipper Cuff = badass and chic in one

Lion Cuff = wicked cool

Hedgehog Ring = Tho thweet

Deco Scarab Chain Necklace should be DECO-rating my neck.


Dear Alkemists - I would gladly wear any and all of the above that you wish to send to me.