Thursday, December 2, 2010

WWD: Three Fer Thursday

Or, Thirsty Thursday, if you will. After getting back from Thanksgiving in Boston on Sunday night, doing a fundraising party Tuesday night and working on a company holiday party for Saturday (and working and etc. etc. etc.) I am ready for a cocktail.

Until is a three fer for you from this week. Thankfully, it is sans any creepy knocks at the door though like Shan's post. It does contain one very distressed moth though. Keep reading......

Tuesday's ensemble: Lumber Jill.

This was work on Tuesday and fundraising party Tuesday night. Shirt scored at Wal Mart of all places whilst on an errand for said fundraising party the day before. Sweet fate.
Fave part of said outfit? I was getting super hot (PMS in the house) after setting up the party and was lamenting to a friend (Hi, Jen!) that is was hot in thurr. Her reply? "Maybe you should take off your tiny sweater."

The end.

Today's look: Comfy to the max with a side of my fave boots I forgot I had until I pulled out the winter gear.

It would be hard to be more comfortable today. With a tshirt that feels like butter that my hubby accidentally dried and is too snug for him now (yay me!), a sweater that is so darn cozy and these distressed olivey green Nine West boots I've had for eons, I am one happy girl.

I still want that cocktail though. Don't play me.
Lastly, in our Three Fer Thursday. The lastest enstallment of the moth tales. To review: This dead moth has been on our stairwell outside for ages. Like weeks. For real. I decided to leave the hubs a welcome home message on his return from a business trip and had our leeetle friend sporting a "Welcome Home!" word balloon. Good times.
We have just continued to walk around it and protect it like a baby bald eagle wearing an elephant tusk necklace since then. No mention of "maybe we should pick that up." I'm sure we both just keep waiting for the next moth adventure. That day came yesterday.

Apparently, someone (he blames me, I blame ghosts) stepped on our moth dude at some point. The moth? None too happy.

I came home yesterday to find this....

Anyone know where I can get a teeny, tiny ambulance (am buh lance! am buh lance! that is for you, know how I love to say that word) to leave by him next?

Merci, Happy Thursday and I'm still waiting on that drink,


Kelly said...

Love the ruffled plaid shirt! Hope you get that drink soon - cheers! :)