Thursday, December 30, 2010

WWD: Super(slacker)post

Look, I'm as shocked as any of you are that I am posting. I hope Shan is sitting down when she sees this.

I don't even know what to say or when these were taken, but here are some random things I've put on my person recently.

There was that one day I wore that black flower with netting in my messy side bun. Which, here just looks like I might be getting attacked by a creature of sorts. Which reminds me of the conversation the Mr. and I had on the way to KC for the holidays about Siouxsie and the Banshees and subsequently The Creatures. So there is that..... Anyone else live for Sunday nights and 120 Minutes on MTV back in the days of yore? (Which was a Wednesday, Shan.)

Then, there was that one time when I wore this brown cord jacket from the Banana with a tunic, vintage flava flav necklace and old Nine West boots. I can't really explain it but this outfit made me so happy this day. Comfort is king. No, wait, that is red wine. Comfort is a close second.

THEN, I summond my inner Dorothy Zbornak that one day and wore this drapey jacket from resale. You'll be happy to know I just left the matching ankle length skirt behind. It was quite the ensemble in all its glory. Totally Golden Girls. RIP those who have left us. Busted. I can't remember which ones have passed and am too lazy to Google it.

Then there was the The Day I Went All Deep Space Nine On Your Ass. This sweater makes me feel all futuristic and 2010. Oh, wait, it is 2010. Nevermind.
This is also the day I intentionally wore navy and black. And had holiday dinner with some amazing ladies that I'm lucky to know.
Fun Fact: This is from the Scholar Shop resale. I've mentioned it one or twevity five times on this blog. One of the things I love about this particular shop is that they get in a lot of high-end merch from the surrounding affluent neighborhoods. They always have a rounder of St. John stuff, for example. At resale, it's still upwards of $150 and some as much as $350. Now, before you get all "St. John? Who do you think you are? Just because Angelina Jolie was their spokesperson, does not mean it's not a lot of stuff for "mature" ladies who lunch." I know. I would agree. Some of it is very Real Housewives of St. Louis, but some of it is really, really cool.
My point is that for some reason this item was not tagged so it didn't make it into the St. John section. I guarantee you though that judging by the work on it, the quality, the fabric, the feel, the touch of cotton, oh every thing about it, it is definitely St. John. I say that not all "look at me...I'm like the next Angelina and am going out to get my own United Babies of Benetton." I say that to say because it wasn't tagged it was only $15. Not $150...FIFTEEN. Oh happy day.

And, finally, the day I took pictures because I was wearing the vest that Shannan reminded me I wore on our "second date." This is my little shout out to one of my very favorite people. Paul Rudd.
I KEED. For you, Shan.
The outfit is no big whoop but the vest is extra special and so are you. Thank you for another year of friendship, fun, advice and lots and lots of laughs. I love you like I love sweet potatoes. Yes, THAT much.
Okay, even more that the Tuber Of The Hebbins. But let's keep that to ourselves.