Monday, December 6, 2010

WWD: Chevron Chequins

The first holiday party of the season screamed for sequins. This vintage, but new to me, number had been patiently waiting in the closet for a few weeks to make its debut.

It's sequins. It's chevron. It was seven dollars at the Scholar Shop. It's sublime. (I suddenly feel the need to bust into the Cindy Brady "lisp" episode from the Brady Bunch but will refrain.)

Paired with some liquid leggings from F21 that I probably have no business wearing, the booties you see all the days of the world, and another total score made me festive AND comfy. Fomfy. Who doesn't want to feel fomfy?

I have no idea why this one turned out so fuzzy. Did I move rooms? No. Take this in different lighting? No. Smear vaseline on the lens? Maybe. Okay, no. I blame evil spirits or Mariah Carey. I find them both harbingers of doom.

Details, details. Chevron happy. The navy blue nail polish at the F21 counter got me, too. DARN YOU point of purchase displays. I shake my fist at you. My very dry fists.

Which brings me to nothing related to this jacket...what is your favorite hand lotion? Preferably a purse size that isn't super greasy. It's so ridiculous up in these mitts that I am one step away from drawing blood when I shake hands.

So, to review. Sequins....good. Seven dollars....good. Mariah Carey...bad. Meat...good. Old lady hands...bad.

Dear Amy Bo Bamy,
How DARE you acquire a chevron sequin jacket without checking to see if I needed one first. I shake my fist at YOU, sir. How'dya like THEM apples? Uh, surrsly - that jacket? The shiz. How do I love theeeee? Like, A LOT.

I am glad to see we are on the same page about our WWD holiday sparkles today. It reaffirms my faith that we are of one brainial region.

As far as lotion potion? If you just want good but not smell good stuff, I highly recommend Lubriderm (or the CVS brand of Lubriderm). I keep a bottle on my desk at work all the live long day and use it every chance I get. If smelly good stuff is what you're after, Wal Fart has some stuff from Malibu Tan called Hemp Lotion that looks like this:

and smells like this: not only can you schmear it all over your reptilian paws, you can also make banana daiquiri's out of it. MMmm-mmmm good - the breakfast of champions.


Kelly said...

You're right - that jacket IS divine!!! Super fabulous find!