Monday, December 20, 2010


Island Way Sorbet, you exotic little minx you. Thank GOD the Costco lady accosted us to offer your coconutty self in a teeny tiny plastic cup. However would we have know about you otherwise? My love affair with the coconut has been well documented in this blog already - at least in perfume form. I have never been a huge fan of "The World's Largest Nut" in its raw form, I'll admit it. Flaked? Kind of freaks my freak. The essence though - the actual flavor? Well, I would do the dirty for it. Pina colada? Yes, please. Coconut syrup? OHMYEFFINGHELL, you have not tasted pancakes until you have had them drenched in coconut syrup. Coconut milk in a nice spicy curry? Homina homina.

And then YOU came along, Island Way Sorbet, with your adorable little gen-u-WINE coconut shell bowls, and not only that, you brought your friends along - Pineapple, Pomegranate Lemon, and Mango Passion Fruit. And the best part? The calorie count. Of course, coconut tops the scale at 170 calories, but the others? Range from 50 - 70 calories. Not bad for a little bit of heaven.

Well, what are you waiting for, peeps? GET THEE HENCE! Run, don't walk, to your nearest Costco and pick up a box, and savah the flavah. You're welcome.



Renee said...
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Renee said...

For my Mom's surprise Luau party two years ago I bought about 6 boxes of these from Costco. They were gone in about 2 minutes. LOL Thank God I got one before the party started. :)

The Girlie Blog said...

Looks refreshing!