Friday, December 17, 2010

Random Inspiration

It's Friday, I haven't had my coffee, I gots nuthin clevah to say, so enjoy a smattering of pretty things I have collected.

via Dress Design Decor

Haute Hippie, via ShopBop

via Fashion Gone Rogue

via Gorgeous Glam
Have a great weekend!


Courtnee said...

Pretty!You know I luuurve the sparkle! I noticed You're reading Cleopatra. It's on my list to read. How is it? Although, I'm sure I won't have the energy to read until the holidays are o-v-e-r!

Enjoy your weekend:D

Kelly said...

OOh - love the sparkle! Such pretty things indeed! Have a great weekend!

merciblahblah said...

Courtnee - Uh caught me. I told Amy "surely no one will ask me about Cleopatra..." I am on the waiting list for it from my library (I always listen to audiobooks in my car), and it hasn't come in yet, but I was tired of looking at the graphic for the last book and I am DYING to start Cleopatra, so I went ahead and put it up. I'll let you know once I start though - I have read about it in several mags and saw the author on The Daily Show, and the book is supposed to be great. But now my secret is out.