Monday, December 6, 2010

Just Ramblin....

Lord have mercy, I woke up with a kink in my back from yoga yesterday (I think). It's one of those annoying kinks that you can feel when you're doing things like backing out of the driveway, checking your blind spot. You know, the kind that prevents you from turning your head all the way to one side or the other?

Yeesh. I am always ALWAYS surprised how much I feel it when I haven't done yoga in a while. I was supposed to go last week but missed it, so yesterday's class was a welcome one. But today? Come ON, yoga, you don't have to be such a little beyotch, do you?

Even Tony Horton's P90X hasn't done this to me, you cruel mistress, you.

Oh sure, his single leg wall squats would make me slap my grandma, but I didn't feel it afterwards like I'm feeling yoga today.

On another note, I'm thinking I dig this new "wintry" effect on Picnik.

I am also thinking that this post is going to be phoned in, because I'm doing it from my actual job because COMCAST IS A LITTLE B!TCH, and we have no internet at home. What the eff, Comcast? Seriously - internet service is out AGAIN?????

So this outfit was actually from my holiday reception last Wednesday night. I thought it was kind of "elf chic," if you will. Sportin The Hubs' plaid button-down, my F21 el cheapo skirt, and a vintage belt a la garage sale, plus bling from Charming Charlie's and old booties from Target.
I hate it when my posts jump from subject to subject. My apologies for the random ramblings, but it's Monday, gimme a break, for the love of Nell Carter.


406 Olivia said...

Beads + sequins + plaid? Well played, lady.

Jackie said...

I had a kink in my back the other day, but it was just from sleeping wrong. So at least you had one for a good reason.

I'm digging the wintry effect too-I thought-"oooh-look at those sparkles! mesmerizing!:

Courtnee said...

I have a fondness for elf chic! You look awesome and your hair looks so pretty!

Kelly said...

Sorry about the pain, but I must say your outfit is so fab it's redic.

livingladurée said...

Love the outfit! I had a kink in my neck for four months after my son was born...a birthing sprain. I forgot what it looked like behind my right side for awhile! Feel better soon:)