Friday, December 3, 2010

Hand Me My Leather

The leather look (or let's face it, for some of our budgets - faux leather look) is one of my favorites this fall. I know you've already seen my leatha skinnies a coupla times, and I'm warning you that you should just prepare yourselves to see them A LOT, because I love them. Found a great post on My Daily Style (who has sick and amazing style herself) here on the influence of leathers this season. Check it for more eye candy, but I swiped - I mean BORROWED - most of the photos below from it.

What is more iconic that Kate Moss in red leather, pirate whites, and a frigging LEOPARD PRINT CHANEL JACKET? So effing Mick Jagger cool. I personally don't think I would do red leather, but the rest of this ensemble? Count on it.

What I love about all of the above outfits is that if you replace the leathers with say, cropped black wool cigarette pants, they all become very ladylike, classic looks. I love that the leather roughs them up, gives em a bit of the sexy time, yet without the skank factor.

While the above look from Aureta's Blog isn't leatha pants, her Gucci OTKs (poor girl) give the same look. I LOVE this photo, and how it looks almost like she's in a coffin, the way she's framed and positioned in that archway. If you want a hit of insane jealousy over her wardrobe (pristine vintage and designer EVERYTHING - I assure you, there is no Target here - shot in amazing locales) be sure to check her blog, and then wonder where you went wrong with your choices in life...

Again, not leatha pants, but this brilliant leather scarf from Life In Travel is, well, BRILLIANT. I imagine it would also be a fairly easy DIY, if one were so inclined. Speaking of DIY, get ready to DIE over her inthane collection of Christopher Ross belt buckles.



Anna Jane said...

love leather pants on others, but just don't think i could pull it off. i wish, though!

xx aj

Freelance Shop-A-Holic said...

Damn you and your pleather!!!! I want I wan I want!!!

406 Olivia said...

Solid Tori reference!

As I stand here naked before you...

nmaha said...

I had a pair of maroon, high-waisted leather pants in high-school (i'm so high...hehehe). I want to find them now, though I think I gave them away in my twenties. What I wouldn't give to have a closet full of vintage stuff :-(

this free bird said...

i only wish i had a slight clue as to how to diy. that leather scarf is whispering, whispering. saaaave me