Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Just some craptastic pics from this weekend featuring my OTHER new favorite garment (see the other other here) - my faux leatha leggings. Those bad boys are surprisingly comfy, and I lurv how they toughen up my "peace" sign.

Rollin with my homie - Gavin. Please ignore the vacuum cleaner cord strewn about.

Oh how I wish this photo were better quality - I love the huge smile on Scarlett's face. And her pink boots. She has had them forever and just decided that she loves them. I'm SO PROUD.

Also love Gavie-Doodle's punk plaid pants from H&M that Aunt Jenny got him. It's like the Rossdale-Stefani house all up in here.

Oh look - here comes L.L. Bean (Simon).

I call this look Blue Steeeeeel. Please note the Rudolph and Herbie the Elf doll he is clutching. Come ON, dude - everyone knows REAL models would NEVER carry their claymation plushies out in public. Keep it in the closet.
PEACE sweater - Old Navy
Tunic tee - Target
Leatha leggings - Target
Flats - Old Navy


kirstyb said...

ah cute pics xxxx

Kelly said...

Your kids are super cute! Totally stylin!

Pyjammy Pam said...

wait! i know you! i recognized your kids' names!

my boys have that same skeleton jacket, and they'll be wearing it til the spring.

your kids are adorable!

MerciBlahBlah said...

Pyjammy!! How in the heck are you? How did you find your way to my blog? That's hilarious. I had another Knot/Nestie find me recently too. Glad you found us - how are your guys doing? How old are they now?


406 Olivia said...

Um, Shannan...are you feeling OK? In the picture of you and Scarley Davidson, her smile may be related to the fact that her finger is jammed so far up her nose that she's tickling her brain! I can't believe you didn't jump all over that one!

bigBANG studio said...

GAAAH! You guys are TOO. CUTE.

Your humina-humina comment made me spit out my morning coffee with laughter. Totally made my day. (And psst...if you want the gossip I just posted the whole story.)

How cool is the Judester? She's amazing. For REALZ.