Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Come On, VOGUE*

So today is my nephew Fyn's big Christmas recital, all the way over in Frankfurt, Germany. Fyn is 7. I WISH I could be there to see the rully, rully, big shoooow, but if I want a taste of it, I'll just put on my Madonna's Greatest Hits CD and give a listen.

Oh yeah, did I mention the theme? MADONNA. No, I ain't talkin' the Virgin Mary. I'm talkin' Like A Virgin.

Guess they do things a bit differently in Germany. Fyn's classes' big number? Vogue. What else? Forget about Silent Night, audience members, the fourth grade class is doing La Isla Bonita. I'm guessing they're saving Papa Don't Preach for the sixth graders. You know, because they're so jaded and all. Germany, meet me at camera three.
WHAT GIVES, Herr German School System? Surrsly - MADONNA? Couldn't just stick to the classics? The old standards? White Christmas? Santa Claus Is Coming to Town? Geez - even Madonna did Sana Baby - how bout that one?

And what about you, Fraulein School Marm - you're in on this too. You didn't think that maybe having 7 and 8 year olds camp it up to Material Girl might be a bit, well, borderline? (I got a million of these, people - Madonna's catalog of work is HUGE).

(This is apparently the Klingon version of Vogue)

Well, I guess I'll just wait for a video clip to hit Facebook or YouTube (that baby is SURE to go viral). Reserve judgement until I actually get the opportunity to see it, but come Easter, if the
program is a rip-off of Ozz Fest, you'll be hearing from me again.Until then, enjoy THIS. I was GOING to put my favorite Madonna song, 4 Minutes, with my boyfriend JT, but since I couldn't find a video with the embed code, I thought this was the next best thing:

Beyonce and Justin Timberlake - Single Ladies from Josh Wolrich on Vimeo.

Old man cardi: Charlotte Russe
Button down: Old Navy
White tee: Charlotte Russe
Faux leathas: Target. I TOLD you I was going to wear the hell outta these.
Shoes (which now have a giant extra virgin olive oil stain on the inside of the right sole because I knocked a bottle off the shelf at Price Chopper and it exploded all over the place, even INSIDE my shoe): Old Navy
Scarf: random store in Laguna (helpful, isn't it?)
Ring: Charming Charlie's

*Don't try these moves at home. I'm a trained dancer.**




Natasha said...

Is Fyn's Christmas program more or less christmas-y than my holiday ficus tree? Just askin....

loves you.

Leslie said...

Thanks so very much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. You saw a Nutella Hot chocolate recipes in your paper? Damn, and here I thought I was being original!!! Oh well. I suppose it has ALL been done before.
Love the Vogue pose!

Jen L said...

Love the poses, the concert went w/o a hitch and surprise...all 4 2nd grade classes did a tribute to Madonna. Yes, La Isla Bonita was one of them. It's just not right to hear 20 6 and 7 year olds start off with "Last night I dreamt of San Pedro...." One for the record books-VERY ENTERTAINING. I will try to forward the video but unfortch the only thing I recorded it with was my iphone and there are some big heads in the way. Plus my big mouth is too close to the microphone and you can hear me laughing though most of it. They also sang, Express Yourself and I Remember...what do 7 year olds have to remember?

Jen L said...

BTW, the kids don't go to German schools they go to an International School and Fyn is one of 4 (yes 4) native English speakers in all of 2nd grade. Try rapping to Vogue when you barely speak English!

this free bird said...

seriously. they're doing la isla bonita?? all the sudden i'm back in italy on the tourist bus...maybe i can pull by germany and give a shout out to the nephew!

ps-it's been mad drama over here at the bird but i have your friend on my mind and will send you an email as soon as i can put my marbles back in my head.

Kelly said...

Are they really doing that?! Hilarious!!!! Love you Vogue poses - and the video was fantastic!

Freelance Shop-A-Holic said...

Madge ain't got shit on you!!!
You're my hero

off to close my newly lasiked eyes

I love you

I'm not high