Monday, November 1, 2010

WWD: The Wide Stripes

Is a blah wardrobe crisis going around or am I just not used to not wearing 23 necklaces at once? Although, if you click the above link, you'll see she crazy. Nary a crisis to be found. Unless always looking great is a crisis. I would not know.

Although, I have to admit, this Scholar Shop resale sweater find is insanely comfortable and that almost makes up for how "meh" this looks.

At least I half-attempted something interesting a threw on a tuxedo ruffle (or "chest lasagna" as the Mister calls it) leopard blouse underneath. I'm pretty much just like Mondo. Mondo with A GIANT ZOMBIE HAND and some leftover spooktacularly heavy sun and lamp light on the face this morn.

Then again, I'm pretty much this color or even less tan in person.

Sweater: Resale;
Blouse: Don't recall; Pants: Part of a ladieth tuxedo...resale; Shoes: The Penney

Blah blah,



this free bird said...

Honey I was all ready to click and see who else was in the wardrobe dumps with us and then was like, oh, it's me. BAHAHAHA!! Thanks so much though for not thinking I'm in blahdom. I scored a couple vintage finds on eBay tonight and am hoping they don't look like shredded up poo when they arrive. Ya never can tell.

I do however always love your rolled pants and it's fall - we're supposed to be dark or something. Wah