Monday, November 22, 2010

WWD: WhoseeWhatsit????

Took the boys for their first haircut on Saturday and can't believe how MUCH it changed them. They don't look like babies with mullets anymore. Now they look like little hooligans with faux-hawks. Two things that amaze me about the experience? How GOOD they were. I was expecting full-on screaming tantrums, and had psyshed myself up for that, so it was a pleasant surprise that they both sat (fairly) quietly, and only tried to ransak the shelves of hurr product AFTER we were finished. And also? We can hardly tell them apart AT ALL now. That may not be good. Here's Simon at breakfast that morning, rocking the mullet.

And Gavin, looking like a teeny-tiny businessman with a bad comb-over.

And Simon after, with his big boy hurr-cut...

And Gavie, a la new hurr (and unknown stain on his shirt)...

One good thing came out of it - I finally figured out what to get them for Christmas.

EMPTY BOXES FOR EVERYONE!!!! Scarlett is cheesing it up here juuuust a bit.

What could be better than maxin and relaxin in your own cardboard box? Not much, I can tell you that much fo shizzle.

Except maybe maxin and relaxin with ginormous slices of apple.

I L-O-V-E my new studded cuff from Charming Charlie's. Wish I would've gotten two - I may have to go back and get one more.

Jacket: Loft, via Goodwill
Tee: Charlotte Russe
Dare Flares: Old Naaaavy
Agate necklace: Urban Outfitters
Other necklace: Twas me mum's
Urrings/Cuff/Ring: Charming Charlie's

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Kelly said...

Your kids crack me up! They are too darn cute sitting in those boxes lookin' all cool. Must get that from their mama. :)

I love all the accessories in this outfit. You are rockin' the gold with that fabulous jacket!

Natasha said...

Hey look - the shorter arms display your new cuff FANTASTICALLY! :)